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  1. mndsm

    Tom's got crap for sale!

    I have decided I need to do a bit of housekeeping. Therefore, things are for sale. First up- pair of JBL HLS-820 floor speakers. Overall 8/10. Super clean sound, no punched dust caps, cones and surrounds are minty. Screens are a little dirty, cabs have light wear on them. I love em, but I...
  2. mndsm

    GI- Fender rolling meet?

    As most of you know, I own a fender roller. I figured hell, if we're gonna rent the thing, might as well be me we rent it from. ANYHOW- This is for gauging interest. Last year A few folks had expressed interest in getting the fenders rolled on their car, at the same time. Worked really well to...
  3. mndsm

    FS- 1999 Chevy Prism $350

    You all know the car. It's the same prism I had sold back when we first bought the MINI, bought it back 3+ years later, and it's for sale, again. Car has 17xxxx miles on it. Auto. no power anything, other than the aftermarket moon roof. The good- Decent tires. New front brakes, newer...
  4. mndsm

    Flyin' Miata Targa Newfoundland Documentary video!

    http://www.flyinmiata.com/index.php?deptid=5687&parentid=0&stocknumber=98-10910 You guys want this. It's badass, and I'm 10min in and have seen our logo at least once.
  5. mndsm

    FS- Stock Mazdaspeed 3 springs. $50.

    So I finally got around to doin the suspension on my ms3 yesterday. As a result, I have the factory springs and shocks in my car right now. The shocks are completely worthless as at least 2 of the 4 are blown (Thanks mazda, for that junk) But the springs are solid. They're dirty, they have 59k...
  6. mndsm

    2012 Wednesday meets-

    So here's the short of it. As much as Wagners was pretty awesome food wise, and the owner really didn't care what we did, it was just entirely too far away for a LOT of us, and the overall attendance was poor- at best. So for the time being, we're bagging that. I have spoken with what was the...
  7. mndsm

    Happy birfdai kris!

    As is tradition Kris- I maed you a caek. Silver fondant looked like shit, so I made it yellow.
  8. mndsm

    Happy birthday jt!

    I made you a cake! It was so good a baker in Las Vegas bought my design from me. This is a pic of it from his website.
  9. mndsm

    Happy birfdai benrik!

  10. mndsm

    MNMazda beard contest?

    This has been discussed before, and I'm curious to see the interest. I can front the prize if there's enough entries. Obviously i'm out, because I have about a year lead on everyone lol. My proposal is this. Everyone clean shaves 11-01-11 or thereabouts. We grow beards for one month (or you do...
  11. mndsm

    Last MNMazda photoshoot of the season?

    So I know everyone is getting ready to burrito the whips, or get their winter meat on... so I know this is going to be a tight time frame. What I would like to do is get as many MAZDA vehicles together as I can (sorry JT... I can loan you the mx6 for the day :D) to do a group shot. Time...
  12. mndsm


    Anyone ever actually do one of these on their own before? I have discovered that the glass in the Prizm is less than adequate as far as the safety nannies at work for Taya are concerned. Something about vulnerable something something who gives a crap it's fine. Anyhow, I need to put a new...
  13. mndsm

    MNMazda Beer Mugs?

    You heard that right... MNMazda beer mugs. Yours truly has stumbled upon an opportunity to get these made, at a relatively low cost, and I think i'd like to pass that on. Right now i'm looking at liter beer mugs (you know the ones you drink 3 of and wonder why you're hammered because you only...
  14. mndsm

    Happy Birthday Eddy!

    I made you a cake!
  15. mndsm

    Injector facts for mx6 GT/Probe GT 88-92

    Keep in mind these are all based off the Denso plugs found on the 90-92 cars, so if you have an earlier one, you might want to swap plugs. There might not be much difference in peek flow cc but if you look at the Ohms they operate differently when swapped from year to year. example: the...
  16. mndsm

    See what happens when you game too much?

    Use the konami code, recieve extra life!
  17. mndsm

    Quest for ghetto paint? Start here!

    I was perusing the Grassroots forums, and the topic of the infamous bedliner A4 came up. If you're not familiar with it, it was an audi A4 some enterprising young person decided that for his repaint, he would use truck bedliner. No idea why, but that's not the point. While discussing that car-...
  18. mndsm

    *FINALIZED* Genghis Grill in Eagan, 07-08-11 7pm. LAST MINUTE!

    Taya and I have decided we want Mongorian BBQ for dinner tonight. We're gonna go to Genghis Grill off Yankee Doodle in Eagan. Wanna eat food with us? Meet us there at 7!
  19. mndsm

    Well holy carp. The guy that owns the site with a project car!

    Many of you have heard the stories, wondered if it was true, and lamented my short sighted-ness.... but here it is, a 1988 Mazda MX6. The good? Runs great. All the electric works, including the roof and the oscillating center vents. (You read that right, oscillating vents. Screw you Mercedes...
  20. mndsm

    Happy Birthday Ivan!