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    4 Blizzak winter tires and steel wheels for sale - $300

    I have a set of 4 Blizzak (Size: 205/60R-16) Bridgestone Blizzak WS-60 tires and Steel rims for sale (Size: 16x6.5 Bolt Pattern: 5-114 Tire Rack Description: et42 cb67). I bought them all brand new in November of 2008, so they have been used for 2 winters. They were used on my MazdaSpeed3...
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    Friday Night Activities

    Last week there were close to 100 cars out. We started out at Porkies and when that closed we went down 280 to the Holiday. The holiday got packed with cars, im surprised we didnt get kicked out. Around 11:30 we all rolled out for a power tour, i wont get into the details, but im sure you can...
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    Stock shifter needs to go!

    After 18k+ miles on the MS3 and driving it in the winter, the stock shifter is a POS. Is there something better out there, that doesnt feel like its going to break in half when I shift into gears...getting into frist gear when the car is cold is hard, sometimes i just skip 1st and put it into 2nd
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    How much did tabs cost you this year?

    I just got a notice saying my tabs for my MS3 is going to be $290!!! WHAT THE F*** My mustang as $90...why the HELL would my speed3 cost 290. I bought it in October 2007
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    Car not hitting boost??

    My car has felt pretty sluggish lately, usually as soon as I get on the gas the boost basically kicks in after the brief turbo lag...but lately it has not until very late 4k - 5k RPMs. The car is 100% stock, however it feels as though it is almost running lean. It has 13,000 miles on it. Any...
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    Need some help car mods

    So I fell outta the loop in terms of whats the best parts out for my MS3. Work/wife and modding the cobra has left the poor mazda alone and scared. But now its time to work on it. What should I start out with, i am 100% stock I was thinking this 1) Motor Mounts 2) Cobb intake 3) What...
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    World of Warcraft, 3 level 70s

    Dont know if any of you play WoW, but if so i wanted to try and sell these locally. Send me a PM and i will give you the armory details. Price can be negotiated. As the title says i have 3 level 70s for sale. Selling for $200 each or $500 for all 3. They are on a pvp realm and...
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    What MPG are you getting in your speed3?

    I get like a total of 250 miles to the tank....and im not even in boost that much Some people are saying they get like 350!!! Why do my cars always have fuel issues >.<
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    Cobb AP for MS3

    Does anyone have any updates on the Accessport for the speed3s??
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    How can I get more forum access

    I cant edit posts or post in half of the forums...anyway to get more access?
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    Stupid snow

    Mazdaspeed3 + stock tires + snow = suck
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    $OLD: 2 10'' alpine Subs and Alpine Amp for sale

    I have two 10'' Alpine subs and amp for sale. the Subs are in an enclosed box with the amp attached to the back. Gray colored box. (will get pics and exact model of amp and subs when I get home from work). Subs are wired to the amp just need the wiring from the amp to the head unit. I had these...
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    New here

    Hey just wanted to say hi. I just got a Black Mica 08 speed3 in october and lovin it. Hate it in the cold! :rollinglaugh: I also drive an 2004 cobra. Hope to see you guys around