And the rust begins...

Discussion in 'An Eye For Detail' started by pingwin77, Apr 14, 2010.

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    I just noticed that I am starting to get some rust in the corners of the wheel wells where the plastic bumper meets the metal. There is a little bit of paint bubbling but not a ton. What is the best way to take car of this so it doesn't go any further?
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  2. mndsm

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    Pull the bumper, grind off the rust, clean it real good, and hit it with some sealing primer, before it gets repainted.
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  4. DrWebster

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    Mazda also says it's only against rust that causes holes in the panels, not just surface rust.

    Your car is a 2004, isn't it Mike? Consider yourself lucky that you've only gotten what rust you have, these poor Canadian bastards have it way worse:
  5. derrian

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    I'll be pulling of my front bumper this year to do similar rust repair. I did some last year, but I guess I did not do it will enough. Time for round two!

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