Any recommended shop?

Discussion in 'Performance Tech & Modifications' started by bunta, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. bunta

    bunta New Member

    Trying to find a shop that has worked on mazdaspeed 3 before to install a turboback exhaust. Anyone have any recommendations?
  2. spek1098

    spek1098 New Member

    Stellar Auto Works. I take my rides there for any work that I don't have time to fix myself. They've been very good at ensuring I was a satisfied customer even with the tougher situations I have brought them. My car is half 2005 Mz3 and half 2007 MS3 making issues with it unique which they have handled well. Believe they are a site sponsor too. If you go there tell them Jurgen sent you.
  3. bunta

    bunta New Member

    sweet! thanks!
  4. chandler

    chandler New Member

    Wonder if Stellar Auto Works still operate.

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