Anyone here with experience finishing aluminum?

Discussion in 'Appearance and Body Modification' started by dmention7, May 4, 2011.

  1. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    I've read a few how-tos on how to finish aluminum (ex. to brushed or polished finish), but I was wondering if anyone here has ever done it? Think I'm going to give it a shot on my valve cover, intake mani, IC core, and maybe a couple other parts.

    Sounds like a brushed look is going to be easiest to attain, as you can pretty much get that done with a scotchbrite pad and some elbow grease... as opposed to going through about eleventy billion stages of sandpaper for a polished look.
  2. Big Nate

    Big Nate Chaos Engineer

    I have refinished a lot of aluminum bits in the past. Nothing with a lot of detail (little spots that are hard to get to) but i have none the less done it. Power tools are your friend with this kind of thing. Drills with a bit a scotch brite work wounder's over stuff in minutes vs hours by hand.

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