blinker light trouble shooting

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  1. so i own a 1994 dodge shadow right blinker light stop working left one still works, it dose the standred solid light no blinking on dash replaced the rear right bulb in the tail light just to eliminate and variables and still dosent work i did notice when i had the car the right blinked faster than the left could it be the relay that turns on and off the lights gona bad for the right side?
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    Sounds like you have a short in the wiring- start at the tail and work your way forward- and make sure you clean the contacts of the housing really well, rust is a bitch.
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    Blinker fluid must be low.
  4. Yea the car I got was dove in the country on dirt roads and that side just now found out is dusty, dirty and starting to corode. I Gota head back to west St. Paul where tools are and use that one tool which I can't pull the word out of my head to name the tool, I'm hoping its just the terminal is corroded and just needs a cleaning and not wiring problems because we all know how wiring problems are a pain I the butt!!!.
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    So wait, does the turn signal stay on solid, or does it not light at all?
  6. The light bulb lights up but dosent blink.
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  8. ok so par number on the link picklz provided EL12 is for the hazards even when i pull that the car still dose the same thing left flashes right dosent.... so i went to the lengths of even replacing the blinker switch and that dident solve the problem.... looked in the manual and this is the only thing it shows for relays and flashers are hazard, horn and ignition relay, next time i get a chance im gona try and clean the connectors of the bulbs and see if that work but if you guys have any other input feel free to write it up.
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    Sorry I didn't realize it was just one signal (or one side) sounded like it was all of them, if one is flashing and one isn't I have no idear
  10. If I use the hazards both of them blink I just found out.
  11. ok so i figured it out it was and learned something new, i found the relay switch it was located in the dash attached to the duct for heat/air and was attached to a bracket so you litterly have to break the plastic relay to remove it from the bracket once it was broken i put another relay on threw it in the dash and it was fixed. learning part i did not know that the relay it self made the clicking noise that you hear when you activate the turn signal i thought it went relay-clicker-tailight. so all in all i appreciate your guys help and input :) and hopefully if someone has a issue like this some time it can be helpful

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