Extended warranty is almost up... should I have the car checked over?

Discussion in 'General Repair, Maintenance, and Warranty' started by million, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. million

    million Member

    My current car is the newest one I have ever owned so I have never dealt with a factory warranty. Upon purchasing the one your car, I chose to pay to extend the factory warranty.
    The factory extended warranty goes to 75k miles and has already paid off in the case of my driver seat mechanical chassis.

    Is it wise to bring the car in to the dealership for a general inspection prior to the warranty lapsing?

    If so, are there any key components that I should have them look over?

  2. million

    million Member

    Apparently this may have been a stupid question.

    I'll likely bring it in to have it checked over, just so I feel better about hitting 75k so fast. LOL.

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