Invite to MAP Import Dyno Day Oct. 20th

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  1. maperformance

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    Invite to MAP Import Dyno Day Oct. 19th

    We are bringing the local 2013 race season to a close.
    This will be a meet/show & dyno event.

    Import Dyno Day Meet
    Saturday October 19th
    9am to 5pm..... or until the last car is done

    3 dyno pulls (AWD Dynojet 424x)
    $45 early registration by Monday Oct. 14th
    $60 the day of event

    Other local import forms will be invited as well. Act fast to reserve your spot !

    Modern Automotive Performance
    9800 Hemingway Ave S
    Cottage Grove, MN 55016

    Time Slots:
    ~ We can do average of 3-4 cars per hour.
    ~ Please arrive 30 minutes before your time slot.
    ~ post or PM me which hour you want & I'll edit the list BUT only way to secure your time slot is to pay in advance via paypal
    ~ No refunds, but I can arrange in store credit (parts/dyno/service) for payor.

    Early Registration:
    PM me for paypal instructions
    * list will be updated daily
    1) takata180 - TL type S
    2) sean - EG GSR NA
    3) Tuning Timmy's fully built H22..... 250whp NA?

    4) Joe - G35
    5) John - mazdaspeed 6
    6) Mark 2013 Subaru WRX

    7) Ryan 1998 integra
    8) Stephen - 03 EVO

    10) Matt - TBD
    11) andrew 94 accord*
    12) dan mazda6speed *

    1:00 - 1:30pm Break
    13) HatchBreakYoBack - Devin 96 Civic
    14) Garrett - Hyundai Velostar
    15) derrian j. - Mazdaspeed 3

    16) ej6runner - CRzzzzzz*
    17) Miguel - h2b

    19) Kong - 05 TL NA
    20) Steve - delsol or else WRX
    21) Creston - MR2 honda hybrid

    22) Geoff - 08 FIT sleeper
    23) AE86 corolla
    24) Chayee 2011 Subaru STi

    25)G_weezy LS turbo
    26) Tong Y. - EM1 turboooo
    27) Alex - 10 TSX NA

    Chances are it will be cooler out, so dress warm. There is also plenty of room inside to view the dyno. Some cold & hot drinks will be provided. Have fun & we hope to see you there.
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  2. matt8478

    matt8478 New Member

    I will be there, but you guess already dynode my car lol. nothing on it really new.
  3. maperformance

    maperformance New Member

    just come & hang out.. = )

    list updated
  4. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    Too bad the mx6 won't be done by then.....
  5. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    If the weather is decent I'll likely head down and hang out for a while for this, maybe go for a drive through WI afterwards.
  6. maperformance

    maperformance New Member

    although not in WI, stagecoach in lake elmo is a nice road to cruise on.
    some rough pavement, but the windy road & stretches straights are worth it.
  7. matt8478

    matt8478 New Member

    Still planning on going to this
  8. maperformance

    maperformance New Member

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