Mazda 3 clutch style?

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  1. million

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    I recently drove a 2007 Mazda 3 5spd and noticed that the clutch felt very different from the clutch in my 2011 Mz3 6spd. The 2007 engaged very close to the floor, while mine didn't engage until much closer to the top. Did they change the style of clutch from 2007 to 2011?

  2. 1Kris06

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    I've driven 2 MS3's, Tom's and jojo's. Both engage very close to the top. My 6 (2004) engages fairly low. It might just be a design change in general Mazda made at one point.
  3. mndsm

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    Not sure TBH- but I know it's a completely different clutch from the mz3 to the ms3, I've owned both, and the clutch in the ms3 is FAR more aggressive than the mz3 clutch, for obvious reasons. Might have been a change when they went to the 6sp manual from the 5sp, which is what the earlier manual mz3's had. I'm not sure when they went to the 6sp across the range.
  4. million

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    Yeah, I wondered if maybe there was a different style clutch for the 5spd vs. the 6spd. Thanks for the responses guys!
  5. vamps

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    Sounds interesting if they are evolving the clutch! Will have to do some research

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