Might have a bad motor mount...

Discussion in 'General Repair, Maintenance, and Warranty' started by million, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. million

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    Every time I start my car, I get a strange rubber-on-rubber sounding squeak from the vibration of the engine. From what I have heard, the mounts are hydraulic. Is that correct? If so, I should be able to see fluid leaking from it, right?
    If I have diagnosed the issue correctly, how difficult is it to swap in a new motor mount on my own?


    The car has just over 75k miles on it now, and that means I have unfortunately surpassed my extended warranty. Not sure it would have been covered anyways though.
  2. dmention7

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    The upper mounts (or at least the passenger side mount) are hydraulic, but the rear mount is just a rubber bushing.

    Do you have any other symptoms, such as excessive drivetrain slop when shifting? A squeak at startup could actually be many things. Have someone start the car while you have the hood open to see if you can pinpoint the source of the sound. Quick stabs of the throttle (while in neutral) might also help you confirm or rule out a motor mount.
  3. million

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    There is some slop in the drivetrain... just figured there was some wear in the gearbox. I can actually get it make the noise when I shift and let the clutch out quick. A buddy is going to help me pinpoint the sound.

    Thanks for the reply, demention7!
  4. million

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    If I were to upgrade my rear motor mount, what should I go with? I'm not looking for 'race' grade but definitely something better than the stock pos. I have been looking at the CS version with the 70A durometer.
    I don't want my car to be super rough when it is idling so I don't want the durometer to be too stiff.

  5. million

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  6. dmention7

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    CPE is a pretty reputable company as far as I know, and that mount looks like a decent part. I would honestly recommend going with the softest bushing available for a daily driver.
  7. million

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    Yeah, I liked that CPE had the 60A duro option for the mount. Seems like most customers don't have the vibrations with it, compared to the 75A. I am just waiting to hear back on whether it fits my exact car, because there is a disclaimer on the bottom of their page that states that it may not fit all Mazda 3 models.
  8. million

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    Finally got the new rear CP-E mount in last night, and also ended up installing a new OEM pass side mount.

    The car definitely responds better. Shifting is much smoother now that the slop has been taken out. I like being able to feel the engine a little bit more. Installation was easy. The toughest part was just jacking up the car to get under it. LOL.

    Even though the durometer is the 60A (not the 75A) I still get a significant amount of extra vibration. I am hoping that some of it goes away once the mount settles in. I am wondering if I was sent the 75A, even though I ordered the 60A. Hmmm...

    I'll drive it for a couple weeks and then try to remember to check back with an updated review.
  9. derrian

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    I'd be interested to see if the vibration stuck around for you after some time with the new mounts? I'm needing to replace mine and wonder what Duro to go with.

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