MN Mazda Cheat Sheet for Screen Names

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  1. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    So here it is. If you cannot remember who drives what and what SN goes with who, here ya go.

    I'll keep this post updated at the top as I see more.

    Note from MrMatt and Big Nate: We updated this to be in table format, we are working on a better format but this is what we have now. thanks!

    Special Thanks to Joelle for the table and formatting.

    <style type="text/css"> table#names {border:1px solid #BFBFBF; background:#DFDFDF; margin:0 auto; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px} table#names tr.header td {font-weight:bold; background:#4F4F4F; color:#fff; font-size:14px;} table#names td {border-bottom:1px solid #BFBFBF; padding:3px 15px;} table#names tr.even {background:#EFEFEF;}</style><table id="names" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr class="header"><td>Name</td><td>Screen Name</td><td>Car</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Ian</td><td>asellus</td><td>MX-590CS</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Jeff</td><td>Aviateur</td><td>Cosmic Blue MS3 (R.I.P.) NEW True Red MS3 </td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Shane</td><td>Badfish</td><td>'07 Silver MS3</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Bart</td><td>Bartron8000</td><td>'99 Protege ES Cranberry Mica [Aroma Red Mica]</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Jeff/Twinkie</td><td>Blitzkid</td><td>'93 RX-7</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Jen</td><td>blueamcat</td><td>White '01 Mazda Protege</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Tom</td><td>boomergt</td><td>Was '03.5 MSP, now TT G35</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Parnell</td><td>cosmicspd3</td><td>'08 Cosmic Blue MS3 GT</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Joelle</td><td>derrian</td><td>'09 MS3 GT - Black Mica</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Jay</td><td>dmention7</td><td>Laser Blue '03.5 MSP</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Lizzie</td><td>Dragongirlie</td><td>'06 Ti Grey 3 HB</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Matt</td><td>DrFabolous</td><td>'03 6s Steel Grey, chrome 17's</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Joe</td><td>Drumfreak</td><td>'03.5 Ti Grey MSP</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Colin</td><td>DrWebster</td><td>Sunlight Silver 3 Sedan</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Jason</td><td>durban</td><td>Ti Grey MS6</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Eddy</td><td>E-licious</td><td>Ti Grey MS6</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Jon</td><td>Funk73</td><td>Dover White RX7</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Jess</td><td>Hot Ice</td><td>Black Mica 3i Touring</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>James</td><td>Grappler</td><td>Red '86 Rx7</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Ivan</td><td>ij1889</td><td>1st gen RX-7</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Jesse</td><td>Jesse MS3GT</td><td>'07 Black Mica MS3</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>John</td><td>JohnnyT</td><td>'06 Black Mica MS6 Sport</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Joe </td><td>JustROLLIN</td><td>'07 Crys White Pearl 3 Sedan</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Justin</td><td>Keke</td><td>'07 Black Mica MS3 GT</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Matt Yurcek</td><td>kzoomatt</td><td>Red '90 RX-7 gtu9 turboII swap flat black & '85 mazda rx-7 gs</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Kyle</td><td>LASERBLUE135</td><td>'03.5 Blue MSP</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Frank</td><td>lwrydr</td><td>'91 White Miata</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Josh</td><td>niterydr</td><td>'94 GMC 2500 Disel '93 stealth rt/tt</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Taya</td><td>MazdaMINI</td><td>'05 MINI Cooper S</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Josh</td><td>mazdamn02</td><td>True Red MS3 Sport</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Micah</td><td>micahlarson</td><td>Black Mica MSP</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Mike</td><td>miccorosu</td><td>Galaxy Gray Mica '08 3s GT HB</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Mike</td><td>mikey84</td><td>Black '89 RX-7 Vert</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Tom</td><td>mndsm</td><td>Black Mica MS3</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Matt</td><td>MrMatt</td><td>'07 True Red MS3 Sport</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Sue</td><td>OBIWAN</td><td>'07 Black Mica 3s sedan</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Mike</td><td>pingwin77</td><td>'04 Strato Blue 3 Hatch</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Ryan</td><td>Rawyzf</td><td>'09 Pontiac G8</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Erik</td><td>rewedmiata</td><td>'91 Miata - Silver, '83 RX7 - Red w/ Black Hood</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Matt</td><td>roadragemotors</td><td>Blackcherry MS6</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Schmitty</td><td>Schmitty</td><td>'08 TrueRed MS3 GT</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>John</td><td>shadyspeed3</td><td>'07 Black Mica MS3</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Shellie</td><td>Shelmeister</td><td>'08.5 Crystal Pearl White Mazdaspeed3 GT </td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Eric</td><td>Slick26</td><td>'05 Ti Grey 3s HB</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Nate</td><td>Big Nate</td><td>Silver Ford F-150</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Jurgen</td><td>spek1098</td><td>'05/'07 MazdaspeedSP23 Hatch (MS3 drivetrain swap into SP23 hatch)</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Adrian (AJ)</td><td>StealthSpeed3</td><td>'08 Black Mica MS3 Sport</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Allan (AJ)</td><td>AJ</td><td>The dark grey '06 MS6</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Tenzin</td><td>Tenzin420</td><td>Pearl white '06 MS6</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Ben</td><td>tricky</td><td>03.5 sunlight silver MSP</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Greg</td><td>Turbovert91</td><td>'91 Black RX-7 Turbo Vert</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Andy</td><td>WhiteSpy9</td><td>'07 TrueRed MS3</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Dan</td><td>Workdawg</td><td>08.5 Metro Grey MS3GT</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Sean</td><td>XveganXcowboyX</td><td>'91 Mariner Blue Miata</td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Pete</td><td>YSOSLO</td><td>Galaxy Gray Mica '08 3s GT HB</td></tr><tr class="even"><td>James</td><td>ZoomZoom Diva</td><td>'04 6s 5-door Volcanic Red and '88 RX-7 Convertible Harbor Blue</td></tr></td></tr><tr class="odd"><td>Jager/Chris</td><td>Jager</td><td>1988 Mazda RX-7</td></tr></td></tr><tr class="even"><td>Hayden</td><td>Fihner32</td><td>'05 Mazda 3 Velocity Red Hatch</td></tr></tbody></table>
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  2. Z-licious

    Z-licious Guest

    Eddy-E-Licious-TI Grey MS6
  3. Hot Ice

    Hot Ice Guest

    Jess-Hot Ice-Black Mica 3i Touring
  4. aviateur

    aviateur Guest

    Jeff - Aviateur - Cosmic Blue Speed3
  5. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    Matt - Mrmatt - TruRed Speed3
  6. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    Jay - dmention7 - Laser Blue MSP
  7. mazdamn02

    mazdamn02 Guest

    Josh - mazdamn02 - '07 True Red Speed 3 Sport
  8. boomergt

    boomergt Guest

    Tom - boomergt - 03.5 MSP
  9. dragongirlie

    dragongirlie Guest

    Lizzie - Dragongirlie - 06 Ti Grey MS3 HB
  10. micahlarson

    micahlarson Guest

    Micah - micahlarson - Black Mica MSP
  11. durban

    durban Guest

    Jason - durban- Ti Grey MS6
  12. JustROLLIN

    JustROLLIN Guest

    Joe, Joseph, Joey, Teddy D, Mr Doberman, Downtown Joey, Downtown Joey Hopkins, or Jty (Pronounced `Jit-Tee) - JustROLLIN - 07 Crys White Pearl 3 Sedan
  13. pingwin77

    pingwin77 Guest

    pingwin77 - Mike - '04 strato blue 3 hatch
  14. WhiteSpy9

    WhiteSpy9 Guest

    WhiteSpy9 - Andy - '07 True Red Speed3
  15. RoadRageMotors

    RoadRageMotors New Member

    Matt - roadragemotors - black cherry speed6
  16. MazdaMINI

    MazdaMINI Guest

    Taya- MazdaMINI 05 MINI Cooper S
  17. OBIWAN

    OBIWAN New Member

    Screen Name

    Sue - OBIWAN (same as my license plate)
    2007 Mazda 3s 4-door Grand Touring
    Black Mica / Black Leather
    Team Dynamics "Monza" rims - Anthracite
  18. niterydr

    niterydr Legendary Status!

    Josh-LSE Performance, niterydr- 94 gmc 2500 diesel, 93 stealth rt/tt
  19. Jesse MS3GT

    Jesse MS3GT Querulous

    Jesse - Jesse MS3GT - 2007 Black Mica MS3
  20. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

    Allan (AJ) - TCSpeed6 - The dark grey 06 MS6

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