MN MAzda Dyno Numbers

Discussion in 'The Official Topics' started by AJ, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

  2. boomergt

    boomergt Guest

    Here are my numbers from last year also.. I will probably get retuned again this year...

  3. niterydr

    niterydr Legendary Status!

    Good power, mods are the same on your car domain page?
  4. boomergt

    boomergt Guest

    Yes they are...
  5. Drumfreak

    Drumfreak Guest

    Tom, have you considered a EBC for more consistent boost? You can see the horsepower go down right along with the boost in the graph.
  6. boomergt

    boomergt Guest

    I have thought about it... That is why i purchased one in the first place but is sucked...

    I might in the future..
  7. photoeye0

    photoeye0 Guest

    My 1st dyno run at 13psi with a IHI VJ-20 turbo with 360cc injectors and a stock USDM BP (1.8 DOHC).

    HP and TQ

    HP and PSI

    And HP and A/F

    That's about a month after I bought the car. I hope to be at a strong 250 by the end of the summer with a rebuilt motor. Just need to find some rods.
  8. Drumfreak

    Drumfreak Guest

    Here is my last Dyno run at DB from last October. I was running 9 PSI. Next time I go in I will have my new intake mani installed and I will have more consistent boost and less spike with my new EBC and I want to push 220 whp. I might have to turn it up to 10 PSI. Thats all I want to brave with the stock internals. The record on stock internals is 277 whp @ 12 PSI with a GT28RS and the car has been quite reliable for the owner. I don't have the time and money for that kind of commitment and this car is my daily driver. Friends give me shit because the stock turbo is so small but look at my top end. I still have over 200 WHP at redline which is 6500 rpm. GHL exhaust FTW!

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  9. Dinos Speed6

    Dinos Speed6 Guest

    Here are my stock dyno #'s

  10. Jesse MS3GT

    Jesse MS3GT Querulous

    My baseline with CP-E CAI
    Easy break in, 1900 miles on the engine.

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  11. Sweet35th

    Sweet35th New Member

    Dont have the dyno sheet currently, but.

    05 Mazda 6s 5speed.
    -airbox mod otherwise bone stock

    196whp 192wtq
  12. 1fastmsp

    1fastmsp New Member


    This was from a dyno day awhile ago with no tune running really rich between 3500rpm and redline @ stock boost. almost 60HP over stock
  13. LASERBLUE135

    LASERBLUE135 Active Member

    now that is a beautiful msp graph. nice torque curve and positive building hp all the way to redline.
  14. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    Hmmm.... I have roughly the same peak torque as you did on that pull, but I'm making it around 3500-4000 rpms.
  15. 1fastmsp

    1fastmsp New Member

    Shane said it was because of how rich i was running after 3,000RPM. Yeah the TQ was a lil low but next week i go in to DB for tuning with the new mods, so im hoping it will improve. i know the the HP will for sure lol
  16. 1fastmsp

    1fastmsp New Member

    laser, what is with all thoes guys on 24/7? Im not lying about anything, i had no map set on the FTC, the boost controller was off, running 8psi, and the only thing else was my FMIC and exhaust. You know DB's stuff isn't outta tune, or broken.
  17. LASERBLUE135

    LASERBLUE135 Active Member

    Yah, that thread turned into a shit storm WTF?, I would advise just not replying anymore that thread was hijacked and is officially forum back and forth banter. If anyone is interested in the internet argument fest...
  18. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    Well, to be perfectly fair, I can understand the skepticism... that dyno chart looks nothing like I've ever seen from an MSP. The torque curve just seems wonky. But here's the thing.... you look at any other slightly modded MSP, and the peak torque is right in line with your mods. The only difference is that the other MSPs are making it from 3k-4k and petering off torwards redline, whereas your torque slowly ramps up and then jumps to its peak right at redline. And since HP is calculated from RPM * Torque.... Bam, higher peak HP.
  19. JohnnyT

    JohnnyT New Member

    Most recent numbers - 285/339. Now I need to dyno with the new mani and hopefully break 300awhp.

  20. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    Just need to keep that shit breathing past 4k!

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