My spark plug adventure

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  1. MoeBiscuits

    MoeBiscuits New Member

    Hey guys. New to the site, didn't see a page to introduce myself so I figured I'd just jump right into it.

    I'm driving an '06 speed6 which I bought in... October? of 2012. I love the car, it's my daily driver. I've put about 15,000 miles on it since I got it. A couple months ago I started to notice a little bit of a stutter at WOT. I did some googling and found a guy on another forum who started a discussion about how to fix this exact kind of problem. His advice was to take off the intercooler, take out the coil packs, stretch the little spring that's in there so that you know you're making good contact, and then reinstall it all and kapow, it should work fine. SO. I buy decently expensive new plugs from an auto parts store because I figure as long as I'm in there, may as well replace them. I get my intercooler off, replace the plugs, stretch the springs, reinstall, and drive away. My problem only intensifies. So I go to the Mazda dealer, meet Danny, get turned onto this site, and spend about $100 on plugs. I'm waiting for my engine to get a little less toasty now so I can install the new plugs, and I guess my questions are:

    1. Did I just waste 100 bucks?
    2. If so, what is my actual problem?
    3. Can I put plugs in this thing that don't cost $20 a piece without creating any problems?

    Thanks a lot guys. Looking forward to being an active member here.
  2. dmention7

    dmention7 Hater

    My guess is that you've got issues with the coil packs themselves, not the plugs. How many total miles on the car?
  3. MoeBiscuits

    MoeBiscuits New Member


    My god do I hope you're wrong...
  4. MoeBiscuits

    MoeBiscuits New Member

    The guy who's helping me out with this is a really good friend and mechanic, and he suggested I use dielectric grease when I installed the plugs that are in there now (not the ones from Mazda) and he's saying that might have caused the problem. Thoughts?
  5. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    I had the exact same problem on my 06 speed6 at about 100k, to the point where I got a CEL. I pulled codes and it was a missfire on 1. Replaced the plugs problem persisted. So I replaced the coil on 1 and problem went away for a couple days but then came back. This time on 2. I've seen this happen on other vehicles where one coil after another will fail so I just bought 3 more and replaced them all. I got mine on rock auto for like $40-50 each IIRC.
  6. MoeBiscuits

    MoeBiscuits New Member

    Well the new plugs are in now. Doesn't sound like they're gonna help, but we'll see. If not I'll try replacing the coils like you said. Thanks a lot guys.
  7. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    And unfortunately no- there are no cheap plugs for the DISI. It annoys me to no end.
  8. MoeBiscuits

    MoeBiscuits New Member

    Sorry for the super late update. After throwing in $100 worth of plugs I got from the dealership, my stutter decreased significantly but still persisted. Oddly enough, a week later I got an oil change and the problem vanished. However, a few weeks after that (last night), my engine exploded. I couldn't get much out of the guy from Bobby & Steve's, but I'll be starting a new thread, as I officially need a new engine. Sigh.
  9. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    I'm wondering if your CDFP didn't fail..... pretty common on these cars. See your other thread.

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