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Discussion in 'Appearance and Body Modification' started by AJ, May 10, 2011.

  1. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

    I'm looking for a new seat for the Miata (Drivers only at this time) and wondering if anyone else has any good things to look for. The number one aspect is to maintain the sliding feature so that Jana and anyone else can continue to drive the car.

    I'm also looking at weight, shedding some lbs between sotck and aftermarket is a driving factor.

    Links, things to watch for, and any other info to help get this process started would be pure sweetness.

    it's possible I'd like consider seeing if there is an alternative to the stock carpet that may save a little weight, yet not end up just looking at floorboards.
  2. niterydr

    niterydr Legendary Status!

    Be careful with seat and steering wheel modifications, could really bump up your auto-x classing.
  3. AJ

    AJ 110 HP of FURY!

    Oh yeah, I'm being very mindful of what I need to stay in STR. My end plan is to run STR for a year or two and see how it goes. For STR I have to follow this:

  4. spek1098

    spek1098 Guest

    I have an extra set of seats from the speed3 that I'm still trying to decide whether or not to reupholster with brown leather, might be a chance they would directly up…
  5. Picklz

    Picklz SUDO Make me a SAMCH

    Sport or GT seats (leather or cloth bolsters)?
  6. micahlarson

    micahlarson Guest

    I know that dynamat makews a large amount of replacement items, even for carpet.

    I've had a lot of experience putting the stuff in and everyone loves it, however I don't know how much weight you'll saveby replacing the carpet.
  7. mndsm

    mndsm I'M OFFENDED!

    You won't save squat replacing carpet with dynamat, you'll only make it heavier. Best bet is to pull the carpet tub, and take out all the sound deadening on the floor.
  8. micahlarson

    micahlarson Guest

    they have multiple different types of materials made by dynamat. You could use dynaliner, it's a thin rubber foam it's really meant for a headliner, but if it isn't a really abused daily driver it should be ok.
  9. spek1098

    spek1098 Guest

    Just cloth

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