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    So I bought another grill that needs some work, my first idea was just to plasti dip over the CF as I'm not really interested in the CF but more the grill. But now I've been rethinking and might want to keep the majority of the CF showing. It needs a little bit of covering (some rock chips/minor holes) and possibly a re-clear. So what shops in the area do CF work and are prices reasonable? If I have to spend over $100, plasti dip will probably be the answer. If I plasti dip, the color scheme will be the same as my current; silver bar on top, the rest black/CF.
    (yes I know, fitment sucks. That will be worked on if I deem the grill worth the $$ to fix.)
    New Grill

    Current Grill setup
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  2. I can probably help you out for about $100

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