Turbo seals :(

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  1. speed3syndicate

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    My turbo has been smoking. It sucks, its been more and more everyday seems like.If anyone wants to rebuild my k04 let me know.I'll pay decently. I usually work on my car my self but I think this task might be a little too much to handle. Also are there any other turbos that are direct bolt ons for the MS3 other than the K04. I'll take it off the car my self and buy the rebuild kit, I just need someone who knows what they're doing. I've called map, and they want 350$.Currently im not rollin the moolah
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    Moved this to the Repair, Maintenance, and Warranty section, cause it's boring being a mod here and I've got nothing better to do. lol
  3. speed3syndicate

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    Any advice ???
  4. Wildfyre116

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    Sometimes the turbo is just getting too much oil. These cars are notorious for that. A quick fix could be as "simple" as getting a new oil restrictor bolt, drilling it out a bit to compensate for the normally too-narrow opening, then install it. Google around for more info on that (I know Mazdaspeedforums.org has something on it). Another thing people commonly do is raise the idle up a bit (done via tuning software) to a few hundred RPM more than normal. The higher RPM reduces smoking. It'd suck to get the turbo rebuilt only to have it still smoke when done, eh?

    Is the car consuming oil? How much shaft-play is present?
  5. spek1098

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    Alot of people run a heavier oil like 5w40 or 10w40 to mitigate that problem but ultimately the turbo will need to be replaced. I just replaced my sisters turbo in her '08 CX-7 this summer and supposedly Mazda's rev. 3 of this turbo have solved that isssue, I hope.

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