WTB Gauges 52mm or 60mm

Discussion in 'Mazda WTB Ads' started by MPS_Mike, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. MPS_Mike

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  2. Turbotalon1g

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    I have a autometer Z-series 30-0-30 boost gauge and EGT.
  3. dmention7

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    Oil pressure for the 3rd gauge. I don't have one for sale, but that's what I would recommend.
  4. mndsm

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    Honestly, with an ms3 i'd go with fuel pressure before i'd do oil. Most common failure causing these cars to go kablooey is the CDFP up top- you want something to warn you if pressure suddenly goes to 0 so you can shut her down.
  5. Halon

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    I have a barely used ProSport boost gauge (30-0-30 I believe). They are dark when off, white when on, and you can wire it in to turn blue when the headlights turn on. I dented the bezel on it a little, so I got a new one and have had this one sitting in my garage in the box for a couple years now.

    I also believe I have a Greddy EGT gauge, white face 52mm, with sensor. It's probably about 10 years old, but still works fine. I think it also has a small dent on the bezel.

    You could have em both for a case of Honey Weiss :)
  6. Turbotalon1g

    Turbotalon1g Guest

    I also have a oil pressure and water temp dual gauge (2 in 1) and a fuel pressure & voltage (2 in 1) you can use the voltage to keep track on the voltage at the pump to see if that is your issue.

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