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  1. ohsixspeedsix

    Mazdaspeed 6/3 stuff for sale

    I have a bunch of stuff left over from my Mazdaspeed 6 that I need gone asap. I have a bunch of pictures I will post up once I get home from work. Most of the stuff is semi-negotioable so feel free to make an offer. CAR LED Taillights. $300 I know they go for around $400 out there. They...
  2. ohsixspeedsix

    Fall BBQ Potluck Grillin's! October 13th

    Howdy y'all. There has been a bit of discussion about it so it's time to get it in gear. What: Potluck style bbq cookout (possibility of beer drinking and poker afterwards) Where: Northview Park, Eagan, MN. Behind northview elementary and down the road from Eagan Highschool (possibly...
  3. ohsixspeedsix

    $OLD: the ms6 is officially up for grabs!

    So im putting it up for sale to see what happens. If it sells it sells. If not oh well. It is an 06 grand touring with 83k miles on it. Mechanically in wonderfully running order. The front driver fender is beat up. The front passenger fender has a bit of a dent that can probably be pdr'ed...
  4. ohsixspeedsix

    Summer kickoff mnmazda BBQ potluck grillin's 2013 edition!!!

    As it now appears summer may come around after all, I figure its time to get the ball rolling on the annual bbq. We will try and host it at northview park in eagan once more and I'd like to shoot for Sunday June 2nd or the 9th depending on the peoples preference. So what do we think...
  5. ohsixspeedsix

    The Second Annual MNMazda/Stellar alignment day - 27th of April

    So last year we introduce this event and honestly it was probably the best event of the entire year. We had a great turnout, everyone cooperated. And the guys at Stellar Autoworks not only gave us a super deal, but also did an amazing job, as anyone who got aligned last year can tell you. I will...
  6. ohsixspeedsix

    The 2013 MNMazzda Spring Cruise (possible over-nighter)

    Howdy all. That time is nearing again and through the years the spring cruise has been a rather popular event for the group. People have talked about doing an over-night cruise/event. So what would this entail? Well I figure the way to do it would be to do a mild afternoon cruise with the...
  7. ohsixspeedsix

    THE OFFICIAL 2013 Events thread!!!

    Hello and welcome to 2013! Time to start up the forum-wide event thread where everyone can post ideas for events and a place to come for an overall view of events to come. There are already quite a few events in the works... -Itasca camping trip -Stocholm cart racing Then of course we...
  8. ohsixspeedsix

    GT5 league... anyone in?

    So we tried this last year and it was a relatively good time. So with the shitty season coming upon us, who would be down for a Sunday night gt5 point series league. Im thinking same model races to keep things interesting and up to the driving and tuning abilities. I have a couple buddies who...
  9. ohsixspeedsix

    Winter is coming!!

    Just figured with the cold season right around the corner, I would test the waters on some winter recreational activities for the group to keep the members actively engaged. I know how lazy we all are but I think some fun events could be done. 1.) Snowboard/ski trip I know not everyone here...
  10. ohsixspeedsix

    MS6/mz6 parts FS

    I have got to get rid of some parts to make room and some extra cash. I'll post all pictures up when I get the chance. All sales are OBO. I've got a set of stock MS6 tail lights in perfect condition. Spruse up your stock 6 or replace your cracked/leaky MS6 tails. $175 OBO for the set...
  11. ohsixspeedsix

    The OFFICIAL Fall Cruise 2012 Thread CANCELLED.

    Where: The fun scenic back roads of Wisconsin. When: Saturday, October 6th What: A nice group cruise to end the year So this is now finalized!! I will be taking a day trip over to WI to get the route together, at which point I will post it up. As usual, There will be a donation. Anywhere...
  12. ohsixspeedsix

    fall cruise 2012!!!

    So I was thinking about it today and its time to plan a fall cruise. I'm thinking October 6th, as that might be the best odds of seeing some of the fall colors. For those who went on the spring cruise, they know it had its rough patches. Well there'll be none of that this time. I will be taking...
  13. ohsixspeedsix

    Brittish car show at Automotorplex this saturday

    So I received an email inviting to the british car show this Saturday aug. 18th. Thought id see if anyone might be interested in a last minute small group gathering. It runs from 9-2pm. Cars, fish n' chips, tea, and BEER! http://automotorplex.com/third-saturday-all-british-cars-2012/
  14. ohsixspeedsix

    MNMazda fall BBQ/Hayden's miata unveil party - 9/8/12, 11am-???

    I am going to try and start getting this together now way early. It would be cool to have big a turnout as we can since it could be one of the last events of the season. Event will be held at my place in eagan/ the SAG (small ass garage) not to be confused with the BAG. Big back yard for all...
  15. ohsixspeedsix

    Hayden's super depressing MS6 stuff feeler thread

    So with the move to Florida pretty much set in place, it may be time to cut loose some goodies for a little extra moving cash in hand. This is just a feeler and if I don't want to sell the stuff, I wont. But if I get a good offer I probably will. I will post pics later when I get home. First...
  16. ohsixspeedsix

    MNM Potluck grillinz BBQ 2012 (23-Jun-12)

    So I'd say its about time to start throwing this together. Probably will do the same location as last year. Northview park in Eagan right next to the high school. Same idea as last year. Potluck picnic so everyone sign up to bring a particular item. Grill up some grub. There is a playground...
  17. ohsixspeedsix

    MNMazda spring cruise - 2012 edition!!

    Well it's about that time again. Time to clean up the rides and get the gang all together for a cruise through the fun and gorgeous Wisconsin roads. For those who went last year, it will pretty much be the same. This year, gravel roads will be avoided. Along the half way/turnaround point we will...
  18. ohsixspeedsix

    MNMazda group allignment day - Brought to you by Stellar Autoworks - April 14th

    Got this all worked out now that it's coming up soon. Where: Stellar Autoworks - 9855 13th Ave North, Plymouth, MN 55441 When: Saturday, April 14th What: We managed to get a great group deal on basic 4 wheel allignments at Stellar. The deal is $500 for the whole day with a 10 car maximum...
  19. ohsixspeedsix

    Hayden's epic AZ road trip

    So in a couple hours, I leave for Arizona. And im not flying! We will be taking Molly's CX7. It's about a 34 hour trip with stops for gas and fuss and such. So anyways, I figured id start a thread to post pics and stories from the road trip and vacation in general.
  20. ohsixspeedsix

    HELP! Locking lug key ?

    So I somehow managed to lose the key for my locking lug nuts on the ms6. Does anyone know if they are all the same? Can i get a replacement at the dealership? Or do i need to order up a new key/set from the producer? I need it asap. Thanks yall.