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  1. Big Nate

    Pumpkin Carving Shans

    Post what you guys have done!!!
  2. Big Nate

    VW Alignment Specs (US and Euro)

    Below are the specs for my car and I would like to know if there is a difference between the cars built here or just the adjustment of the alignment / suspension. So my question is can i take the euro specs to an alignment shop (alignment guy) and have them set it up to those or will I have...
  3. Big Nate

    New EMT conduit runs.

    I replaced some wiring the basement of my house. This is in a utility room and will never nor should it ever have a finished ceiling. I had romex all over the place and lights and plugs on the same circuit. So I ran 12awg wire to the lights (i had the wire already that is why it isn't...
  4. Big Nate

    Things I do to save money around the house.

    Well this only took me two weeks to put together……Sorry about that. I am going to set this thread up so we can have more than one discussion going on at a time. In the past year I have tried to find ways to save money, from making my own to switching to new. I will explain what I have done...
  5. Big Nate

    14-Jul-2012 Powder Keg Welcome Event **Updated 7/9**

    Save the date to welcome our new sponsor. I will be updating this post with all the information that you need to attend the Meat/ BBQ/Tour at Powder Keg. Location: 2275 McKnight Rd N Suite 8 St Paul, MN 55109 Date: 14-Jul-2012 Time: 3:00pm-7:00pm Activities: BBQ (burgers, hot dogs...
  6. Big Nate

    Main Electrical Panel upgrade.

    Finally got my electrical panel updated this past weekend. I had a Federal Pacific Stab Lock 150amp. This panel had a lot of issues with it. For one they lost the UL rating and the breakers have been known to both not trip or arch or at the panel causing fires. Another shot...
  7. Big Nate

    Request Thread

    Any way you can make me these small ones?
  8. Big Nate

    Fresh Tint

    Here are the before shots. And here it is with A 10% visor 40% drivers and passengers side and 30% on the rest. This was a Christmas gift from my sister in-law and wife.
  9. Big Nate

    A little teaser.

    More to come.....
  10. Big Nate

    Looking for a new ride.

    Ok I am looking for a new CAR. My truck is costing me a lot to drive and it is less then stellar going around corners. Check list of must or almost must haves. 1. 4 door 2. not black or dark color (you all know I have an issue with my car looking clean) 3. manual transmission 4...
  11. Big Nate

    iPhone 4 Otter Box Deffender

    I have a very lightly used otter box defender like THIS and am looking to sell it. It is in mint condition with no issues. looking to get $30 from a member i have it on CL now for $40 with lots of interest. post or pm me if you want it.
  12. Big Nate

    Domoed my truck tonight

    Check it out. Ten 16oz coors lights and look what happens.
  13. Big Nate

    Shed Build

    Well I started a shed this past weekend and wanted to post up some of my progress. Here is the site I picked. It is in the back corner of my lot by both of my neighbors sheds. I went with a treated frame for the floor on concrete blocks berried just below grade. I used...
  14. Big Nate

    Slow router at home

    OK I just got a new Cisco Valet M20. Everything has been working great until my broth moved in with his PS3 i got a PS3 and my son got an Xbox. The wireless slowed down a lot and began to drop netflix streams and such (not that big of a deal that is a lot for just one router). The issue came...
  15. Big Nate

    Sand Blasting

    Katka's Monuments 8390 Golden Spike Rd NE Foley, MN 56329 320-387-2350 Like I said his wife takes care of the phone. Just tell her you know Nathan Vogt. The guy who had his wheels sand blasted. This is a great guy. So if you can't pay at least the $60 don't bring my name up when you try and...
  16. Big Nate

    WTB: Looking for Blu Ray Movies, shows, whatever

    I just got a blu ray player and am looking to beef up my collection of discs. PM if you have some you would like to part with. any movie or show is fine not looking for anything specific.
  17. Big Nate

    The Chemistry help thread.

    Well a thread got me through math now it is time for it to get me through chemistry. I am having a hard time calculating moles. Avogadro's number is 6.02*10^23 -----what does that mean? A mole is not a solid number it changes based on the formula you have? PLEASE Jay stop...
  18. Big Nate

    Wireless router discussion.

    This thread will kind of be a basic over view for those how don't understand or don't have a wireless router. I have been out of the loop on routers for a long time now. I have a netgear router now that is over 5 years old and just can't handle the stress that all of the laptops at my house...
  19. Big Nate

    USB DVD drive

    Does anyone out there have one of these I could use? I need to reinstall an earlier version of of ubuntu on my netbook and can't get the usd flash drive method to work.
  20. Big Nate

    Post stuff here until the Chatbox is back up.

    We need a place to post so lets do it in this thread. ONLY for random talk look for a better section if there is substance to your post.