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  1. 1fastmsp

    FS Random MSP stuff left.

    I have for sale some random left over parts from my old MSP. Below is a list of whats available. All prices are OBO, but please no low balling me. Stuff is priced to sell quick. Please Email me at corynygaard@yahoo.com for questions or to set up buying. Thanks. Split Second FTC1 (with...
  2. 1fastmsp

    *Completed* - May 2nd - MODERN PERFORMANCE & T4D SPRING BBQ/DYNO DAY!!!!!

    Spring BBQ/Dyno Day info: Date: May 2nd, 2009 Time: 11:00am – 7:00pm Place: Modern Automotive Performance Cost: $50 for 3 Pulls (no tuning, first come first serve) Food: Were Smokin’ Now BBQ company (pulled pork, burgers, hotdogs, brats, pop, etc (food not free but well worth the...
  3. 1fastmsp

    WTB stock MSP turbo or GT28

    looking for a turbo to replace my broken stock one. I would love the GT28 but will do a stocker for now to get the car back to normal again
  4. 1fastmsp

    *COMPLETED* - 1st Annual Fall BBQ/Car Show @ Modern Automotive Perf.

    This is going to be the biggest get together of the fall season! Many local clubs, forums and sponsors have teamed up to put this event together. This is going to be a completely free show. There is NO cost to enter your car in the show and there are going to be some awesome prizes for the...
  5. 1fastmsp

    Dyno Numbers

    I dunno if anyone will do this or not but thought it would be fun to see what everyone is making for power these days. I'll start 209HP/178TQ - Shitty base map on FTC EMS running pig rich @ 8PSI-FMIC and exhaust. Im waiting for my EGR pipe for my 626 mani and then my 440's and manifold are...
  6. 1fastmsp

    new springs!

    i got my new springs i pick up installed on wed and im lovin them oh so much! lol here is a before and after pic of my car. pretty noticable wheel gap difference. lol BEFORE AFTER
  7. 1fastmsp

    need help!

    so i just put the Corksport FMIC on my speed protege, and i made a custom side mounted license plate bracket (idea from tony aka bluewolfcry) and while i was making it i popped the black messing from the bumper out to expose the cooler more, but i havent decided if i like it yet or not, what do...
  8. 1fastmsp

    Mazdaspeed 6 owners READ THIS!!!!!

    I dont know anything about what is offered for the speed 6 but my boy over at Real Street Performance in Blaine has created a custom front mount intercooler kit for the 2006 mazdaspeed 6. NO CUTTING OR REMOVING ANYTHING!! only thing that needs to be modified is that stupid splash gaurd under...
  9. 1fastmsp

    2 electric RC cars 4 sale

    Im selling two high end electric RC cars. I believe there both HPI frames or something like that. I built the insides from scratch. I have two bodies for one car (a blue honda civic Si coupe, and a ford f-150 rally truck). I also have two different kinds of wheels for it (chrome racing rims...
  10. 1fastmsp

    Split Second PSC-1 AFC

    looking for a used split sec. AFC or a place where you can get them for a good price.
  11. 1fastmsp

    MN MAZDA'S cruise

    okay so I had an idea to have a cruise before the summer ends. Some friends of mine took one to Stillwater last fall and it was a blast. We can all meet at porky's some day and then all cruise up in a big group. When we get there we can chill and grab lunch then i know some pretty sweet back...
  12. 1fastmsp

    just saying hello

    whats up. the names cory. I drive a 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege. Pretty basic mods, nothing crazy. 4.5" intercooler upgrade, hardpipes, 3" turboback exhaust, MAF relocation, GReddy type RS BOV, Poly motor mounts, Turbo XS boost controller, HKS turbo timer, Boost and A/F gauges, and some other little...