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  1. mOjO


    ...is the gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. ...puts the ass in sass. ...rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
  2. mOjO

    Great Advice for the Aspiring Independent Consultant

    Yesterday I got an email from a professional acquaintance about how to manage an independent consulting business. I found his advice extremely helpful and wanted to share with anyone who's interested in doing some part-time/full-time consulting work. Here it is: (1) Look for networking...
  3. mOjO

    Burger Jones Meet - Last Minute (Oct 6th)

    Planning a meetup at the Burnsville Burger Jones off of 42 Thursday 10/6. Time: Same as Wed meets I'd say... just after work. Directions...
  4. mOjO

    '10 MS3 vs WRX

    I'm hoping to be in the market to trade up my '07 Mz3 for a new car in the next month or so, and wanted to know what some of your opinions were on the '10 MS3 or the '10 WRX. I’ll keep this post short and let others fill in.
  5. mOjO

    Wiper Blades

    It's getting to that time of the year where I'm starting to think about replacing the wiper blades on my Mazda. I'm curious what others have used and how they would rate them. I've heard good things about the frame-less ones...but don't know much else. Advice?
  6. mOjO

    General Event Photos

    I figured we needed a place to display photos from any/all events. So...go.
  7. mOjO

    *COMPLETED* - April 28th - Wednesday Night Meet Photo Opp

    I'm planning on bringing my camera gear (limited) to this meet so we can try and get some fun shots of our cars in the Porky's parking lot. I'll also be willing to take a few shots of individual cars/parts of cars in whatever manner you'd like. When I brought this up in the Chatbox there...
  8. mOjO

    Forum Member Most Likely To....

    workdawg: Most likely to go postal Zoom Zoom Diva: Most likely to begrudgingly run for office and win. mndsm: Most likely to get rich Mcgyvering something and selling it to the masses.
  9. mOjO


    Beer is good, therefore we need a thread about it. In the case of this particular one I'd like suggested brews and your comments on them. Anything from "F**king AWESOME" to a full fledged beer sommelier detailed write-up. Talk about alcohol content, flavors, cost...bottle design etc...
  10. mOjO

    Over The Air HD is the best

    Over The Air (OTA) HD signals are better than what you receive from your Cable or Satellite providers. Why? Cable companies will compress less popular HD channels signal to retain a higher fidelity for the "popular" channels. Sometimes they will broadcast in 720 instead of 1080 "HD". Also...
  11. mOjO

    mnmazda Geocaching

    My roommate who is an avid motorcyclist mentioned that one of the forums that he visits regularly was recommending a forum geocaching summer event. I thought that mnmazda would have a great time doing the same sort of thing. What do you think?
  12. mOjO


    Just a .600 Nitro Express eh? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- quote: In the beginning was the .357 Magnum, and it was good, and then the .44 Magnum, which was much better, and made Clint Eastwood famous and Elmer Keith happy...
  13. mOjO

    Learning Photographic Composition

    I'm not really new to photography as I've taken a few classes ages ago in high school, but what I'm finding now is that I'm losing a bit of compositional awareness in my photos. As a remedy for this, I thought I'd start a thread where every two weeks or so a new compositional task is provided...
  14. mOjO

    Fantastic Contraption (spoilers!)

    A thread for all those that are playing http://fantasticcontraption.com/ Show your successful ideas Show your unsuccessful ideas
  15. mOjO


    All this Gear is coming from my wifes work, so I can provide further detail/photos if you need. Send me a PM if you're interested in something. Framed Artwork - $10.00 each Personal Shredder - $5.00 LCD Screen Protector (NEW)- $20.00 2 - Microwave Carts - $35.00 each (Only used...
  16. mOjO

    Cameras 'n' more

    Since Nate needs some schooling and there seems to be enough people on the boards who are interested...here's a place to discuss. I have: Nikon D80 18-55mm DX Zoom-Nikkor F/3.5-5.6G ED II Freebie Tripod. Wish list: 2.8 Wide angle to standard zoom lens for indoor shots and portraits...
  17. mOjO

    Your Perfect House

    Building materials, location, size etc. this style: http://tea2architects.com/newhomes/new7.htm ICF Walls and Floors Radiant Heat floors Forced Air / Filtering w/ geothermal well. Solar panel shingles Copper gutters Laminated insulated windows 3 pt locking entry doors Full Low...
  18. mOjO

    le mOjOmadness

    I've just been a browser in the forums for a little while, until today when mndsm put me in a headlock and made me sign up. I'm an 07 Mazda 3 gt owner. Galaxy Gray Mica. Black Leather. 5spd I live in Burnsville, just a short drive from the Walser Mazda dealership and Buck Hill. I use...