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  1. AJ

    It's Prairie Dog Hunt'n Time! (Calling Picklz n Josh)

    http://www.dakotahuntingtrips.com/outfitters/prairiedoglodge.html Prairie Dog: Shoot 300 to 700 rounds per day! 8 hours of exploding Prairie Dogs, what could be more fun! Bring more than one gun! $350 day includes lodging, Hot breakfast, field lunch, dinner, transportation to and from field...
  2. AJ

    Spring 2014 Tint Day

    Spring 2014 Tint Day - Sat May 31st No fucks given today, there will be a tint day this spring with the plan that great pricing will be given to anyone who signs up and comes. I have 2 spots already spoken for, and there will likely be 8 total to give. Probably get about a month notice. And...
  3. AJ

    Poker in BAG

    Having another poker night in BAG Friday after work, Nov 1st. Tourney will start about 6/630, cash games thereafter. This is another one I have people from work also coming to, but more the merrier. We'd love to get a 15+ person, 2 table tourney. Probably a $20/$30 buy in with a 1st,2nd,3rd...
  4. AJ

    FREE: Two Dell Desktop Case

    If anyone is looking for a couple computer cases for any reason let me know. I have two DELL desktop ones for free, two different sizes.
  5. AJ

    Poker in the rear... of BAG Friday 9/6

    Hosting another poker night and mini beer fest deal Friday the 6th after work. If interested let me know. Can stop by and play a bit, just swing by for a beer, or come by and provide entertainment in the form of work bench dancing, I do care which. I'll have some guys and gals from work over...
  6. AJ

    2013 Fantasy Football Thread

    I have two drafts this year, first one was last night. Ended up with: Multiple Gore-Gasms QB Colin Kaepernick 17 RB Stevan Ridley 32 RB LeSean McCoy 40 WR Cecil Shorts 10 WR Steve Johnson 7 WR Riley Cooper 1 TE Jimmy Graham 31 D/ST Patriots D/ST 1 K Phil Dawson 2 BE Frank Gore 30 BE Daryl...
  7. AJ

    New Glarus WI (New Glarus Brewery) Fall Cruise

    Planning to head to New Glarus WI again in the fall. 2 options: 1) Leave Friday after work, get to New Glaurs around 9/10pm and then have all day Saturday in the town. Sunday we could hit the Brewery again in the AM and leave WI by Noon, get back to the cities Sunday around 4/5pm. 2) Leave...
  8. AJ

    Poker Game & General Grill & Chill at BAG

    When - Sat June 29th Where - BAG in Crystal What - Main item is a poker tournament in BAG from 1pm till about 6pm or 7pm for the main game. Buy in will be $20 or $30 with top 3 places paying out with at least 10 people, Top 4 with 15+ people. Night game likely to take place as well. More...
  9. AJ

    **FINALIZED** New Glarus Brewing Cruise & Tour Weekend (Fri 7/19 - Sun 7/21)

    http://www.mnmazda.com/forum/showthread.php?7399-New-Glarus-Brewing Leaving Friday morning from MPLS and arriving in New Glarus for the brew tour either Friday yet or Sat. There are two other brew and distillery places to visit the next town over in Monroe. :) Jana and I are booked here...
  10. AJ

    Soem Houshold Items for sale

    $25 - recliner, quickly becomes two pieces (top lifts off for easy moving)- works but is old doesn't always want to lock in place where you think it should. $75 for the klik klack (or however you spell it). does fold down as a bed as well. nice for the game room or guest room. This is...
  11. AJ

    New Glarus Brewing Cruise & Tour

    http://www.newglarusbrewing.com/index.cfm/tour There was some discussion of taking a cruise to New Glarus during tint day and I wanted to post it up on for discussion. They have self guided tours every day but holidays. Due to the distance this would be an overnight cruise and would be...
  12. AJ

    2013 Beer Fest 6/15/13

    http://www.stpaulsummerbeerfest.com/ I am going to this, and may be working for a 2 hour stint during the event. Working gets free entry, t-shirt, and a free tasting glass. So two questions. #1 - anyone else interested in working the event, I could send your info to a friend, but I can only...
  13. AJ

    FS: 3 Guitars - 2 Amps - One burning desire to be a rock god!

    Hohner w/ Tesla Pickup, don't know the model, comes with stand Fender Starcaster - It's red - dirty girl red. Or as the Hohner, it's just dirty as well. Also comes with stand. Acoustic - make the ladies panties dance. Guess what, stand, yup, comes with one. Couple working amps...
  14. AJ

    FS: Rocksmith for PS3

    works great, maybe 2 hours on it, fun times, just come to grip I'm more of an air guitar guy. $25
  15. AJ

    2013 Spring Tint Day @ BAG (5/11/13)

    When: Sat, May 11th Where: PM me for address once you are confirmed in. Time: 9:45am till done This is also a generally grill & chill event if wanted as well. Anyone is welcome to come hang out, see the Tint Pros guys in action, and just enjoy a rain or shine sat car event. Pricing: Coupes...
  16. AJ

    FS: One MNMazda.com Domain Name

    Expires today - I'm selling the the right to the highest bidder or giving the company the go ahead to publish the domain free and clear to the public. Opening bid starts at $1, need to put transfer request in by midnight tonight to your company. Thanks for the space. -Managament
  17. AJ

    Looking for a car

    So with the Miata sold and the Mazda 6 coming off lease and going back to Mazda as quick as we can send it I am looking for a new car. I'm not dead set on a lease yet, though that is the side I'm leaning on right now. I have been looking for anything and everything 4 doors that's used at a...
  18. AJ

    computer question...

    Has anyone ever had their computer suddenly stop being responsive on a webpage or program where the mouse starts blinking a little bit and if you move the mouse to another program or page and click, the action to tried to complete on the previous page will suddenly work? I've got this issue...
  19. AJ

    Super Bowl Party

    Anyone interested if I hosted a super bowl party? Figure fudz similar to the yummy grub at the Picklz poker party and people could bring their fav beer, wine, or whiskey to share. For those interested, we could do a poker game downstairs at the same time. It would be Sun Feb 2nd, we would...
  20. AJ

    What car would you buy?

    So it's time to start looking at cars to pick up when the Mazda 6 we have comes off lease (which can't happen soon enough!). It's done in March and we are looking at either leasing again or buying used. For a lease we want to stay in less than $250 a month range, but it needs to have value for...