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  1. StealthSpeed3

    Happy Barfday Mojo!

    Hope it's a good one, and may you take many compromising photos :D
  2. StealthSpeed3

    Sacchi S65 Wheels/Boost Gauge/Ventpod

  3. StealthSpeed3


    As most of you who follow me on Facebook know I traded in the MS3 yesterday for a 2008 Dodge Charger and are wondering why I would do such a thing. It was a matter of personal preference and feeling like it was time to move beyond the 'pocket rocket' phase and back into the big sedan. I...
  4. StealthSpeed3

    Rear Reflectors

    Since i crunched one of my rear reflectors during the Snowpacalypse been throwing around 2 ideas. Do i get one from the Stealership for $60, or do i say screw it, spend another 15-$25 (including shipping) and buy these...
  5. StealthSpeed3

    Motor Mounts & Inlets

    So looking at replacing the factory motor mounts in the MS3, looking at either StreetUnits full kit ($419) or just the rear mount, either CP-e or SURE Motorsports. http://www.streetunit.com/StreetUnit_Billet_Aluminum_Full_Engine_Mount_Kit_p/sum3femk.htm...
  6. StealthSpeed3

    TV Time

    So after talking with the family they agreed to let me get a new TV as a Christmas present considering what & how much they owe me. Looking for a target price of around $600, 32"-40". Any suggestions as far as what brands to avoid, which are reliable, and where i should look other then the...
  7. StealthSpeed3

    2007 MazdaSpeed 3 from CA - only 18k miles, mint - $16900

    posting this for the guy that bought my factory rims since he can't seem to join no matter how hard he tries: 2007 MazdaSpeed 3 (MS3) in as-new condition. (Cosmic Blue) I purchased this car in last April, 2010 in California with only 6000 miles on the clock. It has not seen a MN winter...
  8. StealthSpeed3

    Winter Meats

    So with the weather getting colder and no idea when we are going to see snow, i figured that it would be a safe thing to get my winter tires put on. Went With a set of Nitto SN2s @ 215/50/17, mounted on the 17" wheels i picked up from Jurgen. (front wheel shot, showing the...
  9. StealthSpeed3

    Fast & Furious shoot

    here are some of the results from my attempt at tackling a major shoot for my final last quarter. I got drilled pretty hard on these during my critique so it's safe to say these aren't my BEST work since i've been in the program. I'll post most the ones i used for the critique first, then the rest.
  10. StealthSpeed3

    Wii + Accessories: $300

  11. StealthSpeed3

    Set of OEM MazdaSpeed3 Wheels $250 OBO

    $OLD :)
  12. StealthSpeed3

    Price of XBox Live going up

    since i know there are a few people here who use the 360 for online gaming thought this would he a helpful thing to share, taken from a Yahoo news excerpt: 'On Monday, the company announced plans to raise the price of the Xbox Live Gold membership, making it the online network's first fee...
  13. StealthSpeed3

    *COMPLETED* Open Casting Call for Cars!

    Alright everyone, it's that time when i need to start planning my final project, so throwing out this idea. We've all seen 2Fast 2 Furious & Tokyo Drift...i want to recreate the scenes where everyone is gathered around in a parking lot/parking ramp, hanging out & BSing, taking photos, having...
  14. StealthSpeed3

    Test Shoot with another local model

    Had a shoot planned this morning with the redhead i shared pics of earlier in the week but she was no where to be found, her sis hadn't heard form her in days...so she is out for my assignment. In her place is Ms H.Ott. she has owned 3 ball pythons in the past, and is very...
  15. StealthSpeed3

    My Mazda2 Review

    Stopped in at Walser for an oil change and they have a couple Mazda2s on the lot. Figuring what the hell since i have some time to kill, might as well see about taking a drive in case i get the urge to trade in. Now the Mazda2 is available in 2 trim packages, the Sport and the Touring. for...
  16. StealthSpeed3

    Question for the other computer geeks...

    what's a good graphics card within a budget of say $100? Looking to upgrade so i can expand my gaming selection. this is what i have now: http://www.amazon.com/ATI-RADEON-9600-PRO-Graphics/dp/B00009ETL1
  17. StealthSpeed3

    SwedeSpeed meets StealthSpeed

    Anthony's C30 + the Speed3 = probably my favorite shot of the day
  18. StealthSpeed3

    Trying to find some answers for a guy on SUF

    his g/f is having troubles with her 2004 6i and can't figure it out, thought maybe someone on here might have some insight. http://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread.php?t=123780208
  19. StealthSpeed3

    They see me Rollin...

    thank you AJ!
  20. StealthSpeed3

    LED Foglights/Driving Lights

    $45 from Velocity LED + $5 shipping, 6000K. Headlights only: