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    Headlights burning out.

    All right, so even though it's not a Mazda, maybe I can get some help here. My 07 Cobalt has been in my possession for nearly 6 years. Never really any problems...until recently. So back when I bought the car, I installed an MTX ThunderLink sub/amp setup (100 watts, all in one type...
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    A little more info on 2014 Mazda 6...maybe I'm too late and you know...

    It wasn't a shock or anything, but I saw this today, figured I would pass it on for anyone interested or anyone that hasn't heard yet. I'm excited to see what else comes of this news...CX-5/Mazda 3 wise, not interested in a Mazda 6 size wise. But here you go...
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    Passing this along from MNSC

    Not trying to advertise for the guy because I don't know him, but since this is a Mazda forum...I figured I would post in case anyone is looking for any of this stuff. http://www.mnsportcompacts.net/forum/showthread.php?105197-Miata-Solid-Motor-Mounts-BC-Coilovers-949Racing-15x9-Rims-W-Tires
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    $OLD: Boston Acoustics G5 10" SVC sub, Fierce Audio .70 cf box, Kenwood KAC-929 2-ch

    Lowered the price from $250 to $200. Anyone at all interested in a nice single sub setup? I have a Boston Acoustics G510-4 (was a G510-44 DVC...put a new cone/voice coil in). This sub is rated to take 450w RMS and I've seen them take over 600w. I wouldn't push it much past that to be...
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    Allergies/breathing problems?

    Who has late summer/early fall allergies? How bad are they? For me, I can't breathe at all through my nose. I don't know for sure, but I believe I have a deviated septum because all of my life I've had issues breathing through my nose (all the time, not just once in a while)...seasonal...
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    Tires...205/55 16 or 225/50 16

    Looking for tires for under $300. Prefer 225/50 and summer performance tires, but willing to take whatever if it's cheap enough. Need something that will last for the rest of this summer/fall...until I can put my winter wheels on...if they last longer, great.
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    Stuff I don't need...computer stuff, RC (crappy one), DVD's, Misc.

    STUFF FOR SALE...Non Car related Anyone want to buy stuff from me? LOL Seriously though. I have up for sale my BD collection. It's not much, but it's something. Right now (this weekend only)...I'll let it all go for less. On Monday prices go back up. Link to CL for my movies and...
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    Fuel economy in your Mazda (or other car if you don't have a Mazda)?

    I was wondering what kind of gas mileage you all get? Tell me what kind of car you have and your driving conditions. The reason I'm wondering is for when I do get around to buying my next car, I'm curious what kind of economy different cars get. Interested for sure in knowing what the MS3...
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    I suppose I should make an intro...

    Hi. I'm Mike. A few of you know me. A few of you met me today at the cruise. I belong to MNSC but haven't been there for a while (been a member since 05). I am also on a couple Cobalt sites. I think I even have a profile on MNSubaru, but don't remember the login. I don't have a Mazda...