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    Hayden's big ass project

    Reach out on Facebook...here's his page. https://www.facebook.com/hayden.hengel.5
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    Mazda2 Race car

    That's really cool. Side note...you said it was at RA...I think I was there when it was racing. Was that in June or August of 2014? I went to the SCCA Trans-Am/Pirelli World Challenge Series and IMSA/TUDOR weekends. My friends father is an announcer (Greg Creamer) and we got to watch the...
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    FS: 2002 Mazda Protege 5 - SOLD

    And a lower starting price on MNAutoX.
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    1993 Miata - 62K Miles!

    Try the CL link again...you posted the management link instead of the ad link.
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    Picklz' I'm moving so here are a Few items for sale thread

    Glad you're keeping the townhouse and renting it...based on memory of what you said in the past, that should bring in some extra income assuming the renters are good to the property. Wish I could afford it...would need at least one more person to split it with me in order to afford...
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    MAPerformance's Proving Grounds 2014 @ Brainerd International Raceway!

    This year was the year I wanted to come since I've got a nice new car that I'm not worried about getting me there and back, but I'll be at Road America that weekend :( Will there be a second one in the fall this year?
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    Looking for some (free) cardboard boxes for moving!

    Just curious if you want me to drop off some boxes to you this weekend (if you're around)...otherwise let me know what works. If nothing else, I will keep them as I use them for putting under my car when I do oil changes and other work.
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    Spring 2014 Tint Day

    How quickly does he usually get these cars done? And what city are you in AJ? I think I waited an hour just for my Cobalt when he did it back in the day...does he have other people working as well or has he just gotten that fast now days? I don't think I'll have the money now and I'm still...
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    Looking for some (free) cardboard boxes for moving!

    These are fairly large boxes.
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    Looking for some (free) cardboard boxes for moving!

    I'll stop in there this week and drop them off whenever you've got time.
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    Looking for some (free) cardboard boxes for moving!

    I can grab you a ton. They have handles ans they're heavy duty. I use them for moving and working on my car. I get them from Culligan.
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    JT's C5 Z06

    Awesome. The rears looked tiny before. So jealous...not only of the car, but of handling mods...
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    Spring 2014 Tint Day

    Can't make that day. Sorry, I'll be camping up north.
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    Spring 2014 Tint Day

    At this rate, we won't have any hot days...maybe a little sun though.
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    Spring 2014 Tint Day

    So maybe July. Well I guess I'll spend money elsewhere and keep an eye on this in case a date appears.
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    Spring 2014 Tint Day

    Actually, I might be able to make that work as well...my schedule changed with my son for the 17th and 24th. That might possibly be the only other weekend I could do it aside from July...sad...busiest summer I've ever had which is strange.
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    Spring 2014 Tint Day

    Might as well just make it a summer event and set it in June or July.
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    Spring 2014 Tint Day

    That's also why I asked initially if we were having a tint day, knowing full well that the best discount would be with a full day of business. Trust me, I'm logical enough to understand this simple premise.
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    Spring 2014 Tint Day

    Obviously, my concern is that with the 17th, I was a for sure. Once a new date is set, if I can't attend, I lose out. Did he OK the date then back out? If so, I'm wondering if he'd do a partial discount if I bring my car to him within a couple days one way or the other of the new date. I...