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08speed3 vs. 08 mini clubman



After having read dozens of mazdaspeed3 reviews this one was really weak, but I guess that's not what they specialize in at askmen.com.
The mini clubman doesn't burn rubber very well- 7 seconds to 60?


yeah, it's kind of a strange comparo, because except for the wagonish design, the cars really share very little in spirit or target market.

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How much does the JCW Clubman cost?

EDIT: It STARTS at $31,450 without even starting to add on necessities. Totally different price class of vehicle to even be comparable.
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31 sounds about right for a JCW clubman. A COMPLETELY loaded S will run you over 30, so that makes sense. Ours stickered somewhere in the 25's when new.


I saw a JCW Clubman on the road the other day and that thing was sweet looking. Kind of tempted to make that my wife's next car. Although I'd probably have to get just the S version.


I'm not a big fan of the clubman... too big lookin. Though the doors in the back blocked a lot less vision than I thought they would.

I told Jenny she should get a mini for her next car... she wants a truck, and an auto though :(


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Wow, I didn't realize there was a JCW Mini, that thing looks dope! You drove one dan? How'd you like it compared to the MS3? I like the looks of it. Came in at about 34k configured the way I'd want it give or take.


When I configured one on their site I came in at 37.7k :(

The JCW I drove was a clubman, so a little bigger then the cooper mini. It didn't have the raw power feel the MS3 has, but it was nice. While the minis were fun to drive, I think you're still paying too much for name.


Yeah, there is definitely a bit of a name premium on the minis. But unlike, say, the honda or toyota premiums, the mini definitely delivers a car that stands out from the crowd.


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i thought the review was decent, i do deeply hate this jcw, it looks retarded, way to big looking outside, i have test driven a mini s and those things are sweet, but yeah they are 2 completely different cars and should not be rated together


At the clubman price point, I'm comparing it to a BMW 135