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1972 Datsun 240z


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Well, since I'm new here, I figured I should post a little bit about my car.
Currently I have a 1972 Datsun 240z that I've had for a little more than half a year. My plans are to upgrade everything that needs upgrading to reliably do some autocrossing and daily driving for the nicer parts of the year.

Long story, super short:
Bought a 240sx, sold it.
The ridiculous amount of time it took for the buyer to finally buy my car prolonged me from buying another car.
A great deal of a 240z shows up on Craigslist, and I have the money to buy it, thanks to waiting 3 months for the buyer.
240z is now mine.

Long story short: Extended Version
Bought a 1992 240sx coupe a week before I was 15, discovered the mistake I made in buying a 240sx, tried to sell it 7-ish months after I bought it,
made the second mistake of allowing the buyer to have a payment plan, this was intended to be only 2-3 weeks of paying and turned into close to 3 months. While I was selling the 240sx, this 240z turned up on craigslist. I went to Mankato the morning after it was posted to go look at it. It was a Texas car, but was mechanically a nightmare. It was almost impossible to get into gear, distributor was flipped 180 degrees but still ran, and everything needed to be gone through and checked over because whoever had this car took it apart and put it back together a mess. But I bought it because it was rust free and hoped for nothing major to be wrong.
This is when it got ridiculous. The 240sx buyer comes to my house to drop off the final payment for the car, then he shows up tells me he isn't buying the car anymore and wants all the money he gave me so far back. This came out of nowhere, and I had spent this money on the 240z and had no money to return. This is after 2 months of extra time I had given him. He calls me out of the blue a couple days later telling me he has the final payment and is coming to buy the car. After he buys the car, I start getting calls from him almost daily, with him telling/demanding me to give him his money back. I stated my car stalled in the craigslist ad, let him take the car on a test drive, twice, and told him multiple times it stalled. He is furious that it starts stalling frequently. He tried to make it very clear during these phone calls he thought he was getting a daily driver, and I am messing up his life in selling him this car. This turned into being a huge thorn in my side, and I eventually told him to "stop calling". A few weeks later I see my car up on craigslist.

The 240z was in pretty good nick. Aside from the transmission, which needs seals and bearings, I only put maybe a couple hundred bucks and a bunch of time in taking apart, cleaning, and checking most of the parts on it. I only had to buy a thermostat, master slave cylinder, and liquids to get the car running pretty well because as I discovered in the paper that came with it, the previous owner had over $5000 put into the car in parts only a year or so before I bought it.

Plans for early next year:
280zx 5 speed
280zx R200 3.9 Differential
New suspension
New rims and tires
Replace the terrible exhaust system
Fine tuning

Only decent picture I have of the car, with the pile of a 240sx.


Before I cleaned and sorted through anything.


All the wires are out because I was trying to figure out why the right blinker wouldnt work, the plug was shoved up under the dash not plugged into anything.


And I hope to have the car looking something similar these before too long.



So the person that bought your 240, was he currently driving the car when he was making the payments to you, then after he gave you the final payment says "hey, there's a problem"? Too bad, that's his problem after he's planned to buy and made all payments...did he list it for the same he bought it for?


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Thanks everyone.

I wouldn't be against flares or something similar in the future. Haha.

And no, I wouldn't let him drive the car before he paid the full amount. He listed it for almost double what I sold it to him for, which it sure wasn't worth.