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1988 RX-7 Vert with Turbo II engine


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1988 Mazda RX-7 Vert (no rips)
S5 Turbo II Engine (freshly built)
Pineapple racing rotor housings with ceramic seals with a street port
3 inch aftermarket exhaust
Blitz turbo timer
S5 vsld
Battery relocated behind the back seat with a dry cell battery
Tokico Blues
New brakes

Little bit of rust
Driver side fender needs to be pulled
Power windows don't function
The car needs an Ems and tune, won't stay at idle due to the port with no tune
The battery relocation needs to be fixed, the previous car owner ran the wires under the car and did not secure it properly.
No power steering
Radiator leak (comes with another radiator)
Boost leak

pics here https://post.craigslist.org/u/ell28Hki5hG0_egRK-m8Zg/nyx9f
If you're interested text me at 702-544-8507