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1993 Miata - 62K Miles!


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1993 Mazda Miata. This is a SUPER fun car to drive. We picked it up last summer, from a good friend, for my wife... she just has been too nervous to learn to drive a stick and we just don't have the room. It has been a blast to drive, but we would rather it be in the hands of someone who can truly take advantage.

This car only has 62K miles and does currently have Collector plates. No more need to buy tabs! It is very clean. There are a few rock chips in the paint that could be easily fixed. The paint, body and interior are all original. It does have some fun enhancements such as the Jackson Racing cold air induction kit, exhaust (which sounds awesome), roll bar, etc.

It is a 21 year old convertible and is not air-tight when the top and windows are up! In short, it is NOT a winter car Regardless, it is a total blast to drive. You will want this car. We are just looking to get out of it what we paid for it. Asking $6500 obo. Located in Isanti.



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