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2009 MNMazda Spring Dyno Day Recap!


Here's the place to post pics, vids, and stories from the 2009 spring dyno day. I'm uploading pics and vids as I type :)

My pulls:

James' Pulls:

Matt's Pulls:

Schmitty's Pulls:

Jurgen's Pulls:

Joshs's Pulls:

Also, if anyone wants the original video files of their car, let me know.
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Canada's MS3 on the Dyno

My pulls:



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Higher quality:



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Matt, looks like you were right where you expected!! DANG solid numbers my friend. We should use the first post to collect the numbers from everyone.

My best: 246awhp/269 tq. I was VERY impressed to say the least :)

- CP-e CAI
- Speedie TIP
- Synapse BPV
- Cobb AP Stage 1+ SF 91 v101a

I'll post the graph on Monday when I have access to a scanner. I can't wait to see what she does in the fall after exhaust, intercooler, and custom tune.


Holy shit Matt that thing sounds mean. I can feel a mullet growing in just from hearing it. I better go pop a few collars to even out.


is the word, beotch
Looks like it was a good time and LOVED the sound of the goat!

Where's the pic(s) of James with his trophy?
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I'm still happy with 188/185 with where the car is at. I'm also ecstatic the A/F ratio is now right where it should be, no evil hog rich action going on anymore!

Once the headers and throttle body are in... then we'll see!


Can I has my video uploaded? :( It's the one with the VAZ plate... :)


Pulls are uploaded Josh!

Some pics from the event....

Technically, the trophy should have gone to Ivan, but since his clutch didn't let him complete a pull, and he'd left already... James was the proud winner of the MNMazda Trophy of Fail for lowest horsepower number! Congrats!

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It ended up back in my car and back in Jay's yard (we got distracted before it got to the garage)


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ahhh damn it! that trophy looks sweet.
if it makes ya feel better james my torque maxed out at 33, rofl, i knew it was slipping at higher gears but was hoping i could have gotten by the dyno, oh well


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^ Even though you're FWD it's WICKED to see the difference in what the AP does for the curve after 5,600rpm. The AP sells itself in simply comparing our graphs since we have the same type of mods...damn drivetrain loss :p