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2010 MNMazda Tint Day Recap & Photo Thread


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Ha, your gonna make dude that drove your car there and back pay for it. What a fucking champ!!!!


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I didn't say that's what I'm going to do but the law states that's what should happen. Obviously I'm not a dick like that, but I'm going to talk to some officers I know and see what to do.


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:roll:, ok, that's kinda funny!

Sorry dude! Car looks sexy as fawk though!


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just gott tinted today actually- went legal tho- i get pulled over enough for other stupid reasons- i hate being a guy, dont get away with anything


Holy wow... must've been some po-po lurking the forum or something.

JT, the shitty part about your case (or not shitty for you...) is that some insurance companies consider illegal equipment (such as tint violations) to be moving violations, and they factor it into your rates.