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Air Bag System - SAS Unit Replacement Precautions



TSB: 08-002/06

2004-2006 RX-8, MPV, 2006 MAZDASPEED6



2004 - 2006 RX-8
2004 - 2006 MPV
2006 Mazdaspeed6


If the SAS unit is not configured during replacement, it will store a B1342 and B2477 DTC. If the original SAS unit is available, retrieve the data using PDS/IDS in the usual manner, then overwrite it in the new SAS unit.

If the data cannot be retrieved from the original SAS unit due to an accident, or the original SAS unit is no longer available, the As-Built Data will need to be obtained and manually entered.

When a new SAS unit is installed and PDS/IDS is connected, the As-Built Data input screen would normally appear. However, the As-Built Data input screen does not appear when working with the SAS unit part numbers below.

NOTE : The SAS unit part numbers listed below are for reference only, DO NOT order any parts. This Service Bulletin does not require any further parts replacement beyond the original repair.

Use the following repair procedure to access the As-Built Data input screens.


1. Establish communication between PCM and PDS/IDS without the SAS unit in vehicle.

NOTE : DO NOT install the original or new SAS unit into the vehicle at this time.

2. Select Tool Box > Module Programming; press tick.

3. Select Programmable Module Installation > RCM; press tick.

4. The Security Access in Progress screen appears.

5. Turn ignition to LOCK (OFF) position; press tick.

6. Install new SAS unit; press tick.

7. Turn ignition to ON position; press tick.

8. When this screen appears, press tick.

9. Input hex values of As-Built Data sheet in each area from "58-01" through "58-10"; press tick.

10. The Security Access in Progress screen appears again.

11. RCM Module configuration complete; press tick.

12. Press tick and turn ignition to OFF position.

13. Click or press Menu icon and exit Module Reprogramming.