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Dealership experience: Lupient Buick Pontiac GMC


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lol fascinating story dan, dude sounds like a prick, but then again once you told him that you were not gonna buy the car i as well would be kinda pissed if i was working on commission.
its like serving you go out of your way for a customer attend their every single needs, and you get a really shitty tip.
i recomened next time just do not tell them that you wanna drive it for experience just say "im looking for something new and exploring my options".
but yeah the dude sounded like a prick, and we should go in have someone test drive the car(with joel again) and once he gets on the highway we ambush him with a pack of speed3's and they race the soltice and the speeds would prob win, and the test driver would tell joel, "yeah, those are the pieces of shit that just beat this piece of shit"
i think that be funny


I never told him I didn't intend to buy the car from him. I have no idea what caused him to flip out on me. In fact, I don't think I ever even told him I wasn't buying it AFTER he flipped out on me, though it was pretty much a given at that point.


See, and I don't think he has a reason to be treat Dan any different than a potential customer, even if he knows he's not in the market. Any good salesman would know that networking is the name of the game. To only consider the customers that are right in front of your nose is the mark of a lazy salesperson.

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That is a drawback on paying your sales staff on commission is they look at long-term networking as a waste of time, particularly considering many are not working at the same place for years and years (and I generally find I dislike the car salespeople who have been in the game forever, as they tend to have a different style and attitude than I relate to).

Anyway, I believe a dealer and a manufacturer should consider having demo models a cost of doing business and to expect they will receive hard use and even some abuse. When a sales person is on salary, test drives by people not looking to buy at that time are no less lucrative than working with those who are.


I think there is a misconception about dealerships like Walser and their "non-commision" salespeople. The salespeople are just as fired up to sell as a "commisoned" salesperson, except they make a flat rate on the sale instead of a portion of the gross profit dollars.
If a non-commisoned sales person doesn't sell, they only get their "draw" which isn't nearly enough to live on, and they're heads are on the chopping boards...
The only benefit to the customer is the non-commisioned salesperson isn't out to completly screw you over, but they're still going to be pushing for that sale...


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Any salesman worth a shit knows that networking and word of mouth go a LONG way. Look at Jesse at Morries for example, I know at least 3-4 people that if they end up buying another Mazda, they will likely buy from him, myself included. If people ask me where to go to look at one because they are interested in my car, I send them over there. Word of mouth can either help you immensely or kill you.

Regardless of intent to buy, the way the salesman handled the situation was totally unacceptable. As Dan said if he didn't like something he should have said so and asked for you to change your driving habits. Insulting your current vehicle is so far out of line I can't believe he actually did it. Glad the GM sounded a little more reasonable and hopefully something like this doesnt happen again.