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Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Z1


As many of our more regular members know, I was recently in the market for a new set of tires to go with my new set of wheels. I knew I wanted something in a 245/40/17, and didn't want to spend more than about 150$/tire. My initial tire choices were the Direzza Star Spec Z1 and the BFG KDW2/NT. The Star Specs offered superior handling, the KDW's offered a slightly lower price (by like... 10$ a tire) and higher treadlife. The KDW's were decided against after reading several reviews that said these things howled at higher RPM's, especially once they wore down. My stock Potenzas were about shot, and sounded like they were going to explode, so this was a big do not want. This left me with the Star Spec. Shortly before purchase I wanted to quadruple bajillionty check and make sure that they were the right tire, so I started reading more reviews about hardcore tires, mainly the Nitto NT-05 and the Kumho Ecsta XS. About the same time, it was revealed to me that I could get a deal through Discount Tire, so we started comparo shopping to see what the best deal was. The Kumho was *slightly* less expensive, and DT couldn't get me the NT-05 in time. The Kumho was written off after they were said to have kinda poor wet grip. So, Star Specs it was.

Let me tell you, they're amazing. They are kind of loud at speed, but this is not a big deal to me. The grip they offer though, is unbelievable. I pitched it through one of my favorite combo corners on my way home, and the increase in speed I was able to carry was AMAZING. The car felt absolutely planted and I honestly wonder where the limit is, since I have yet to find it. Given what I was able to do with that combo set, I'm a little worried about actually finding the limit, because once I do, I have a feeling it's going to be WAY beyond salvaging.

Bottom line, I'd recommend these to anyone.


I'm curious if the extra speed you carry is moreso due to the contact patch you now have with the 245s over the stock MS3 setup, rather than the particular tire. I guess you'll only know if you ever roll different tires on those wheels.

None the less, glad to hear you're happy with the setup.


Tire rating is UTOG200- so they're pretty effin sticky. They're still better than the stock Potenzas, and from what I've heard..... they actually wear pretty well. Dizzle had a set on his car, and he got 25k miles plus like 15 autocross runs. Not bad if you ask me.

And yes DEFINITELY summer only. I *may* stick an intermediate tire on my stock rims, to ease the transition from summer to winter.