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FS: 2002 Mazda Protege 5 - SOLD


Contemplating a new car at the moment so seeing if there is interest. I bought this car in 2013 (original add here: http://www.mnautox.com/forums/showthread.php?20513-SOLD-02-Protege5). It has had some of the common rust return, but still very minimal and saveable with some elbow grease. I'm the 3rd owner of the car and have tons of records for it. It is a great car I may end up keeping if I don't snag something new I have my eye on. Has been bullet proof reliable in the 2 years I've owned it. Not on CL yet, so willing to negotiate a bit on price to avoid that.

5 speed car
128K on it (came with 115K. I only put about 7K on it per year)
Synthetic Oil
Fresh brakes all around (pads, rotors and new rear calipers)
New front endlinks
New driver side ball joint
Brand new GR Radial snow tires (still sitting in my garage, getting mounted Saturday by The Alignment Guy)
Recent Timing Belt/Water Pump
New pre-cat at 116K
Aux in installed in the
Roof Rack

Known issues:
Rust - They are known for it, but this is still likely the cleanest one you will find up here.
Currently needs an interior cleaning due to laziness/no time due to small child ownership

$3500 OBO

I'll snag more pics soon or if someone is really interested. This is from last winter but still representative of how the car looks, including the rust.

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Also, forgot aa few other featurese I forgot in the OP (can't figure out how to edit on my phone...)

Also has:
Sun roof
Power windows, locks and mirrors
Keyless entry


Well, I was actually set on keeping it, but the car I was planning to buy that fell through came back on the table at the price I offered, so... here we are. Again, great car for someone and 100% would have been content keeping it had the new car not worked out. Also, am I dumb and totally missing how to edit posts? Would like to change price to $3500 OBO...


That's what I would have though but still not seeing it... Do I not have enough posts or something? Anyhow, thanks for the edit!