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Going Turbo - 1984 RX-7 FB


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Hey guys,
New to this forum but old to RX7Club.com and thought I'd start up on here for suggestions, comments and help of all sorts.

The build thread I'm posting on 7 Club can be found here:
Austin's FB TII Swap - Details and Pics Aplenty!

Here is the general idea for the build:
Take an unmolested 86,002mi 1984 Mazda RX-7 GS with the original 12a engine and transmission and swap in an S4 1987 RX-7 low-compression 13b Turbo II engine. Essentially doubling the hp and torque, getting similar gas mileage, and having much more fun with the car and its power-to-weight ratio. I will be doing the build in stages I've decided (with the help of the lady and a friend on 7 Club) and the stages are;
1. Get it running under its own turbo powered rotary awesomeness​
  • Remove 12a and trans
  • Mod gas tank for FI pump and sending unit
  • Install 13bt engine and transmission
  • Custom trans mount and driveshaft
  • Full ECU and wiring harness swap
  • Leave almost everything else alone
  • Just get the car running reliably all summer of 2013
2. Fix anything that I don't like and upgrade anything necessary - so a hypothetical list​
  • Remove 13bt engine for some re-mod's
  • Paint engine bay
  • FC front subframe swap for R&P steering and big brakes and 5x114.3 wheel pattern
  • FC rear brake swap with custom brackets
  • LSD rear end completely built up
  • Aftermarket ECU of some sort
  • Dyno tune from a professional
  • Re-do exhaust for more flow

Here are some pics:
1984 Mazda RX-7 GS
1.1L 12a carburetor engine
Stock engine, trans, rear end
Complete burgundy interior

1987 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II
1.3L 13b turbo engine
TII transmission
Stock ECU
Interior partly gutted but should be complete




A few pics of the engine being taken out and prepped for install into the FB:

I look forward to meeting up with some of you guys this coming summer - if it ever comes - and appreciate any input!


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What was up with the donor car if you don't mind my asking?
Salvage-d car a few years ago, I bought it from the guy who bought it from the salvage yard (if that makes any sense). Almost no way to get a title, and I don't really want to, interior is pretty much shot, dents and dings - it all adds up. The engine has good compression and it ran well so I'm going to use then engine and any parts I need off of the car and sell the rest. I know most people say it's a shame but there's nothing else I can do with it.

Buy my wheels austin!
Hey! You know I want to! But now that there's no real interest in the TII rolling shell I'm probably going to take the front subframe off as well as the rear brake setup and go for a full TII 5 lug 5x114.3 swap. That won't be till next year though, but I'll have to save up for a nice set of rims and tires for next summer. Planning ahead already!

Hit a bit of a roadblock the last few days, hope to get some other stuff done soon so I can make progress towards the end result! Goal is only 47 days away!!