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Grassroots Challenge MX6 Mafia thread


Skanky Escorts LLC
As the founding member of "MX6 Mafia," Challenge-bound for $2012, here's a current log of what's up.


1990 MX6 GT Turbo - $900
2nd gen MX6 KYB GR2s - $180
2nd gen MX6 Megan Springs - $140
Addco sway bar endlinks - $40
Addco 1" rear sway bar - $40
Harbor Freight Fog lights - $15
Prosport Boost, water temp, and oil pressure gauges - $130
Innovate LC-1 w/ Auto Timer display - $167
Used Moroso Catch can - $30
HKS PFC F-Con setup - $250
Mazda Hood bra - $10
used Aeromotive 13109 AFPR - $50
used WeaponR Coolant overflow tank - $20
-AN line for catch can and AFPR - $40
-AN fittings - $45

1991 Probe GT w/ MSD Blaster2, TKT hybrid turbo setup, Walbro 255lph HP, EEC EBC v1.0, built head, ported and extrude-honed intake manifold - $600

Total SPENT: $2657

Stock suspension - $200
A/C delete pulley - $40
Stock Rear sway bar - $30
Stock intake manifold - $40*
Stock 10k mile head - $150*
TKT turbo setup - $600

TOTAL RECOUP: $1060 (Max allowable is $1006.)

$2657 - $1006 = $1651
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Probe's already parted and recouped as far as he can. The TKT setup he sold off that car brought it down to 0 as it was.


Skanky Escorts LLC
Probe is gone....

The big "trick" up my sleeve is that the turbo/exhaust/intercooler setup was included in the $900 purchase price.


You know, I just thought of something. You're pretty well hosed for getting anything else into the budget, because you painted yourself into a corner by capping your selldown. no trades allowed after selldown is done.


Skanky Escorts LLC
No big deal, i already pretty much included everything in there, even the stuff that's not installed yet. (Head and intake manifold)


Skanky Escorts LLC
Didn't feel like making a new thread, so this thread will now be dedicated to all things Grassroots Challenge MX6(s).

Anyways, i have one.

I need to clean this shit up.


Skanky Escorts LLC
Anyways, i have working heat in my junk now.

This is probably fine, right?

I have another exhaust leak at the turbo/manifold flange. :( Trying to decide if i want to weld it back up for once and for all, or if i want to do a custom manifold.

Video might be happening soon.


Skanky Escorts LLC
I bet you have more in t-clamps than you do in the rest of the car.... holy tons of couplers batman! :D

The only "kit" that was ever made for this thing was the HKS pipes, made for use with stock intercooler and stock turbo. Down the road, i'll have some nicer pimpy ones made, but in the meantime, i'm ok with this. :D

2 hours of work, under $200 for entire FMIC setup, and pressure tested to 45psi with no leaks. Not pretty, but it gets the job done. XD


Skanky Escorts LLC
Alrighty.... parts and numbers!!!!!

Beck Arnley branded Axxis Metal Master front pads: 088-1358M - $12.64 on Rockauto
Beck Arnley branded Axxis Metal Master rear pads: 088-1357M - $14.32 on Rockauto
Centric Front Rotor: 12145026 - $17.07 on Rockauto
Centric Rear Rotor: 12145027 - $21.79 on Rockauto

Techna Fit SS Brake lines: MA-1200 - $80.50 shipped on Ebay

TOTAL = $163.39 + shipping + fluid of your choice for neck-snapping brakes.

Whiteline Rear Control Arm Bushes: W61759 - $89.91
Whiteline Front Control Arm Bushes: W51284 - $71.91
Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Bushes: W61767 - $89.91

Addco 1" Front Sway Bar: 559 - $200 on Summit
Addco 7/8" Rear Sway Bar: 467 - $200 on Summit
Addco Front Endlinks (pair): 012 - $14.77 on Summit
Addco Rear Endlinks (pair): 015 - $12.28 on Summit

Energy Suspension Shifter stabilizer bushing (trans end): 4.1106 - $5.99

More parts to follow.
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It did and it didn't. The event took place, the build got pushed back due to unforseen unemployment issues with the wife. The car is currently with Ben right now to get things moving again.


Skanky Escorts LLC
This car is/was a clusterfuck.

90 grill on an 88? OH GOD WHY?!?!?!?

626 grill way better.

More teardown. This wiring harness is awful. The fuel injectors were leaking like crazy.

This is probably fine.


Never seen this sensor on a manual car before. Not even sure what it does, to be honest.

Saving for future reference.

Pretty much my least favorite thing ever. Shit's stuck.