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It's Prairie Dog Hunt'n Time! (Calling Picklz n Josh)


110 HP of FURY!

Prairie Dog: Shoot 300 to 700 rounds per day! 8 hours of exploding Prairie Dogs, what could be more fun! Bring more than one gun! $350 day includes lodging, Hot breakfast, field lunch, dinner, transportation to and from field, guide, sand bags and shooting benches. $300 day includes lodging, benches, sand bags and guiding. $250 day includes lodging and a guided prairie dog hunt. $200 day includes semi guided prairie dog hunt. License fee is $50 and non shooting guests are $50 day. Camping spots with full hookups available for $40 day. Call for details.[/h]
We gonna do this? ;)


110 HP of FURY!
yes, which means you need a break.. I'm thinking this fall would be awesome.


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
I can guarantee I won't have the time or funds to do anything this year. We have a wedding in AZ to go to in Sept and would like to invest some time/money in the chump car not to mention snowblower around that time and other house things. I'd like to go eventually but it won't be in the near future for me.