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Lexus SC300


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Figured I'd throw this over here for anyone that cares.

1992 Lexus SC300
Bought for $3k off ebay in October 2010. Had 157k miles, 5spd, mostly stock with just the following mods:
HID's (these are bad)
some ghetto bass and stereo setup I didn't like.
Supra brakes and wheels.
SC300 Eibach springs.

Here it is the day it showed up on the truck. Was pleasently surprised how clean it was (although it does look better in pics that up close).

Did a bunch of maintenance at first (brakes, steering rack, end links, etc) and got rid of some of the stuff I didn't like. Took it to the dyno for a baseline, as well as hopefully see if everything is still running healthy. I was satisfied with the results, so then came mod time.

I then spent a whole bunch of money on parts from MAP, DB, and eBay, with the goal of turboing the stock NA motor. Over the winter of 2010, it went under the knife to add boost.

Megasquirt 3 w/ 3x

Still fabbing it all up

Basically the final result come spring of 2011

I was pretty satisifed with 400hp as my goal was 350hp. This was basically at WG pressure (with some creep up top). Due to my weak drivetrain, I didn't want to turn it up. I left it this way up until the winter of 2012 (so this winter). My goal this winter was to beef up the drivetrain to allow me to run 30psi, with the goal of making 600+hp.

So picked up a 350z 6-speed transmission which I'm currently in the middle of finishing up. SC430 rear diff with better gearing for a 6spd trans. I have an LSD sitting here that still needs to be installed. Removed the whole rear subframe and replaced all the bushings with new stock ones, or slightly stiffer TRD ones where possible. Blasted, coated, and/or painted everything I could to make it better than new if possible. New hardware. Goal was good/better than new

350z trans

Now onto the motor refresh/trans swap. Motor out

Bottom side of the motor cleaned up, new hardware and gaskets

Got some head work done. Valve job, upgraded springs, cams

Motor back in.

At this point the car runs, but not perfect so needs some attention. However I'm still waiting on my custom driveshaft. Once I get that (week or so), then I need to get it running right. Once that's done, the next plan is to do some body stuff. I bought 97 style side skirts, a front bumper lip, and a 97 style rear bumper and lip. Also got a stock 99 Accord spoiler that I'm going to try out, kind of my little experiment :)

That's pretty much where it sits today. Hopefully in a month or 2 I'll have it all done and out on the road. Hope you enjoyed the long read :D


Did you do all the fab work yourself? Cause it appears you know what the hell you're doing.


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Yes, but I did also have some help which I couldn't have done this without them. Biggest thanks to Momin (former owner of Elite) and Kerry for help with fabbing stuff.


I'm confused.
Brandon! This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time! I definitely will require a ride in it once it is finished!


lmao, i was like i recognize that welder and bench and awesome 8" sub box that sits on the bench.

In for 600+whp


No you don't, we cool.

Crazy you got into this project for only $3k.


Brandon, I have a 99 SC, and I was considering putting the 350z tranny. My main concern is the driveshaft, (which, where, if i need one to be custom made, can I use
the driveshaft from a R154 tranny?


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I haven't actually gotten this trans swap completed 100% yet so until then I can't say I recommend this swap fully.

As for the driveshaft, I bought it right from Collins (same person who makes the adapter kit). Or you can get it custom made. I doubt any stock drive shaft will fit as-is. This is a complete custom setup, so you will need a drive shaft that will bolt up to your rear diff, yet have the slip yoke that will fit into the Nissan transmission. The one from Collins is a 1 piece steel shaft.


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Little update:

Trans swap all done. Here's a little test drive vid from a couple months ago.

Went to that detail show (twice) that Aaron had posted about. Ended up buying some detailing stuff and went to town. The car needs paint plain and simple, but still it's never looked this good / clean since I've owned it. It still needs paint, but at least it doesn't look like trash anymore. Got the buffer and lights and ready to rock!

And final results. Not bad for a guy who didn't even know what a clay bar looked like 4 months ago.

Drove it over to Maple Grove Goodyear where ricer Pete did a 4 wheel alignment on it. The rear was so far off due to all the work I did to the rear end. Drives straight as an arrow now, huge thanks!

Got the shifter modified to fit in the stock location as best as possible, with as minimal interior trimming as possible. Also put on a new shift boot and delrin shift knob off ebay.

Also started working on the ignition swap. Old distributor setup has been re
moved. COP wasted spark setup from an IS300 all wired up, almost done.
Old shit out

New shit in. IS300 coils and ignitor. Had to run 2 new wires to the Megasquirt box to power the two new ignition channels, and also ran a 4 conductor shielded cable to power the new coils.