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My Mazda2 Review


Charge THIS!!
Stopped in at Walser for an oil change and they have a couple Mazda2s on the lot. Figuring what the hell since i have some time to kill, might as well see about taking a drive in case i get the urge to trade in.

Now the Mazda2 is available in 2 trim packages, the Sport and the Touring. for $1400+ more you can get the Touring edition which has spoiler, fog lights, chrome exhaust tips, alloy wheels, steering wheel mounted audio controls, cruise control, leather wrapped steering wheel and trip computer. I chose the Sport for this drive with the manual, even though both are offered in Automatic.

Now going to this from the MS3 to this was slightly peaceful. More of a relaxed drive with the little 100HP engine and a clutch that shifted like butter. Getting onto the freeway was a bit of a challenge, by the time i was at the end of the ramp i was around 55-60 though so it wasn't too terrible.

It handled corners pretty well, granted i didn't go on too crazy of a test drive but it still was impressive. The interior was good, not cheap like a Cobalt/Caliber, the Speedometer was easy to read and the audio controls aren't too far out of the way. I thought i was going ot have an issue with the shifter being mounted below the HVAC controls but considering my height and the length of my arms it was actually pretty comfortable. The seats are pretty comfortable all things considered, could use a lumbar option possibly.

All in all I was pleased with the drive and the numbers it produced 27-35, maybe 40mpg. In the sub-compact it's a decent deal for roughly $14-15K, spacious interior and cargo area, not to mention quite a bit of room under the hood as well (as opposed to the mess that is the MS3). Considering what my car has been used for as of late i'd probably go with the automatic just to make things easier for me, but the manual was very precise when shifting and would also make a good option too with the feather-light clutch.

personal review - 4/5 stars

good value, very practical, yet i feel i've been spoiled in the power aspect since i drive a speed. Driving this was like driving my 92 Metro again, which isn't necessarily a bad thing since i loved that car and it's still a hatch.

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One of these days you should make it down to Apple Valley Ford and compare the Fiesta. I'm wondering where they land against each other.