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Need a good shop to give me a diagnosis


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Hey everyone, my wife has an '07 Mazda3 2.3 5spd. Recently there have been a few things that are becoming quite a nuisance. It has 149k on it and I just noticed today that my rear driver side spring is broken! I noticed some rubbing wear on the spring near the bottom and found a loose piece of the spring rattling in there that must have broke from the bottom.

The car also has a shake at highway speeds, 55-65mph, and it goes away if you go faster. The tires were balanced and rotated and it is still there. Shocks are 2yrs old, axles look good but the lower arm bushings up front look old and weathered/worn. I also get creaks going over concrete aprons and most bumps.

Anyone know an excellent shop that will know what to look at/for and not tell me something I already know? I really don't have the funds to replace everything I want to everything but I am willing to pay an hours labor for someone who knows mazda3's to give it a good look over to help me eliminate the shake and noises! Its loaded and a fun little car that I really don't want to rid of yet. Thanks in advance!

This 3 sure isn't built like my protege was!lol


The rear springs are super easy to replace, only like an hour of work and 2-3 bolts.

As for the rest of your issues, I'm not sure. One of the site sponsors, Stellar Automotive, has done alignment days for us the past few years. They don't specialize in Mazda, but they provide awesome service for a good price. Try calling them up and see if they have time to take a look.


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Cool, thanks guys. I see they are on the other side of town so I will make sure to call ahead and mention this site when I am there. Hopefully it's not as bad as I suspect.