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Removing bugs?


Anyone have any recommendations for getting bugs off my bumper? I'd like to be able to finally get them all off, but every time I wash the car there are some that are still stuck on.


What was the stuff we used up in Duluth at the car wash? That stuff was the same stuff my mom had and it worked incredibly well.


I've always been VERY impressed with Turtle Wax bug&tar remover. Don't let the freaky label scare you off... it's good stuff!


I've always been VERY impressed with Turtle Wax bug&tar remover. Don't let the freaky label scare you off... it's good stuff!
Yeah, that label makes it look like cheap shit, but it works fantastic. Even has a little bit of wax in it too so in a pinch it makes a decent QD.


Yeah, I have a little of it left in my car.... remind me later Dan and i'll let you use some. Works amazing.


I was actually planning on stopping by Checker on the way home. I'll be heading up north tomorrow, then again in a couple weeks so I'll need my own bottle probably.

Thanks though.

Big Nate

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I really only use water and soap. I have never found a need for bug remover. I use lighter fluid for small bits of tar (I don't hose down the car with it). There has never been a bug that I couldn't remove with water and auto wash and a little soak time.


There is this great new product that absolutely will remove bugs...

What's it called again? Oh yeah, Elbow Grease. Works every time.


is the word, beotch
I'm trying something I found that's a pre-applied bug & tar "shield" of sorts made by RainX. You're supposed to spray it on your front end and let it dry for 30 minutes and then drive wherever you're going and when it's time to get rid of the bugs amassed on your front end, just hose off the "shield" and wash the car as usual. I've applied the stuff and it feels pretty funky, but I haven't driven through a swarm of bugs with it yet to give me a reason to wash it off. I'll update the proper thread once I find out. I'm all about prevention if it actually works.


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We used these in the detail shop that i use to work in. Yes they are safe. Ive seen them used on BLACK amg s500's so I know they wont fuck shit up. We would mix a little soapy water in a pump up weed sprayer. Soak the car with water, then spray the stuff on the front of the car, windshield, mirrors. Let it sit for a minute or two. Then soak that little sponge in some extremley hot water (it softens them up) then go to town, spray more of the soapy water on as needed. Just make sure you always rinse that sponge out VERY VERY good before you use it. One little stone in there can mess stuff up. I worked in a high end detail shop for 3 years while doing the paintless dent repair and with proper knowledge of how to use this thing, it works wonders. These also work great for tar.