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Slow and Low Mazda 3 build (Beware dialup users.....do people still use dialup???)

Slow and Low Mazda 3 build >>> New Tail Lights v2.0 UPDATED 9/12/11

New Wheels 18x8 +45

Painted the lips to match the car

Had to fix my bumper from hitting a curb this past winter...

I also bought a GV replica lip from Nextmod...the fitment wasn't great, plus it needed modification to accept the frenched license plate.

I decided to mold the lip to the bumper using a flexible epoxy. I also filled in the license plate screw holes and welded up the tow hook cover, then buried in primer.

Moved on to the rear cover, to smooth it all out.

I made some filler panels out of ABS plastic and welded up all the reflectors.

Then some more epoxy to add strength while maintaining flexibility.

I also filled in the gap between the bumper and the valence to create a seamless look.

I welded up the holes where the emblems used to be on the hatch...more bodywork and primer.

I had a bunch of rock chips on the hood that had to go.

Shaved the sidemarkers.

Installed a badgeless grille.

I had to trim the faux lower grille on the bumper to allow for the grille to fit.

The Grille needs a little glass work, it was designed for 07-09, but a got a great deal on it, so it is worth the wait.

Shaved antenna.

***This section is for exterior modifications***
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This is where my interior stands currently, many painted pieces, this will all get a full makeover soon!

Starting the rebuild now.

Started some CF work.

***This section is for interior modifications***​
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Currently sitting slightly lower with the Eibach pro kit. New suspension in the works, should be finished by the end of winter.

New rear lower tubular control arms with upper mounting cups and the funbags!!!

Front struts have been finished and are currently on there way here!!!

***This section is for Suspension modifications***​
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Definitely needed a lighting upgrade...

Previous setup
-DDM 55w 8000k HID
-CCFL angel eyes
-HID color match halogen fog lights....what a waste of money

The new parts list
-5000K replacement HID bulbs
-Orion v2 angel eyes
-Clear projector lenses from The Retrofit Source
-Blazer Stage III Projector fog light kit from The Retrofit Source ***Kit includes 5000K 35w HID's (NOT INSTALLED)

Broke the headlights down and painted the cutoff shield

Painted the bezels and the accent rings

Orion v2 Halos...These are the brightest halos I have seen for the 3

Started the tail lights.

***This section is for lighting upgrades***​
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Here are the components that will be going in to the vehicle.
-Pioneer AVH-4300DVD
-2x Infinity perfect 6.1 components (100 watts @ 4 ohms)
-RE Audio SEx 12" subwoofer (600 watts @ 4 ohms)
-1 farad capacitor
-Power Acoustic BAMF series amplifiers (1200 x 4, 2000 x 1)
-Custom fiberglass enclosures
-Dynamat and Lizard skin (Spray on sound deadener)

Mount kit for head unit in primer

Filling in the gap for the clock with fiberglass


Front tweeters are going into the A-Pillar's. Fleece stretched and resined for the shape.

After the mat and bodywork I test fit them just to be sure.

Getting the framework for the rear 6.5" mids.

Test fit...

Once these are close I will be incorporating the tweeters into them.

***Update 8/2/11***
I have the C pillar panels with the 6.5" mids and tweeters bodyworked and ready for primer.

***This section is for electronics upgrades***​
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I think you have to have something like 25 posts to be able to edit them. Those headlights turned out incredible.

Do you have a shop somewhere or do you do projects on the side?
I do work in a shop...but we don't do this kind of stuff there, I do all mods on the weekends typically. I will try to get pictures of my friends Mazda 6 that I did a month or so ago. I am willing to walk people through if they want to attempt this on their own, or we could work something out if you aren't comfortable doing this on your own. Be prepared to be without a vehicle for 1 day / 2 days if you're painting stuff.


I have spare cars I can rent out :D But yeah, i'd be really curious as to the process. not entirely sure how brave I am, but whatever.


You said Rave Red- did you just rattle can them? I only ask because I know the factory color of that car to be velocity red.
No rattle can, I will be painting my car rave red, which is a Mitsubishi color that they have on the galants and eclipses, when all the body work is done.
The color has a orange hue to it depending on the angle you look at it.


110 HP of FURY!
i have so many awesome thoughts of widebody miata in my head right now...... :)