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Spring 2014 Tint Day


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Spring 2014 Tint Day - Sat May 31st

No fucks given today, there will be a tint day this spring with the plan that great pricing will be given to anyone who signs up and comes. I have 2 spots already spoken for, and there will likely be 8 total to give. Probably get about a month notice. And I won't pay attention to anyone who stays on the fence and is a maybe. Yes if this is during Picklz wedding I expect we will be showing a live broadcast during the event. Though maybe we just do the tint day in Jamaica man.

Edited important details as of 4/2/14, updated again on 4/8/14.

*** MAY 17th will not work, event on hold till further notice as Tint Pros advised they will now not be in town that day****

When: Sat, May 31st
Where: PM me for address once you are confirmed in.
Time: 9:45am till done

This is also a rain or shine sat car event.
Will need all cars at the house that Sat AM by 930ish

Coupes $135
Sedans $155
Sedan Hatches $170
2 Fronts $60
Sunroofs and Visors $40

6-8 Cars max.

1. T - MS3
2. Rose0529 - 4door
3. Josh - Fronts on das Ram
4. Hayden - A (wtf am I driving) 4
5. Ihearrtdsm
6. 89_Colt_GT
7. Josh - Fronts on another das Ram.
8. Patrick - Front on another truck...
9. pending.
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110 HP of FURY!
What's this Cruze and A4 bull shit, this is a mazda event right? :5shotss:
I have never owned a Mazda, how about that. I did almost get a Mazda2, but figured for a few grand more I get a WHOLE lot more in the Cruze..and the Gen Poo 3 wouldn't cut it...the 14 Mazda3 was too much, no good discounts, but I do love the car. Would have been my first choice if I could have afforded a GT.


110 HP of FURY!
Bumpity Bump... working out a date, likely looking at one of the mid May weekend so it's warm, not in my busy ass April, and yet is before summer is in full swing.


If it's May 17th... I'm out. I won't be in town that weekend. Thanks for putting it together though.


110 HP of FURY!
Yup, confirmed, May 17th. Will need all cars at the house that Sat AM by 930ish. Will get more details and shit posted in the first thread soon.