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Spring 2014 Tint Day


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Unlikely - the draw is the number of cars they can get done in a single location at the same time, they'll certainly tint your windows anytime but I doubt very much you'll get this pricing or much (if any) of a discount. They have a phone number you can certainly call to talk to them and ask but based on past experience I would not expect anything.


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Yeah, the discounts are they due to bringing cars to them in one location.
Obviously, my concern is that with the 17th, I was a for sure. Once a new date is set, if I can't attend, I lose out.

Did he OK the date then back out? If so, I'm wondering if he'd do a partial discount if I bring my car to him within a couple days one way or the other of the new date. I have a busy summer coming up and the initial date was a for sure.

Do you see my point of view? I'm not asking for the same discount, just something due to the inconvenience of changing the date.

I'll of course take this up with him, but I'd like to just know whether he said OK to the 17th then came back and said it would not work or if the 17th was just a proposed date and he couldn't do it.
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That's also why I asked initially if we were having a tint day, knowing full well that the best discount would be with a full day of business. Trust me, I'm logical enough to understand this simple premise.


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Sorry, but there isn't an inconvenience here. It's them offering a deal like this based on a schedule that works for them and me. All I'm saying is that the 17th no longer works for them. I get your point of view, and you can ask, I just don't agree with the premise. I'm working on a new time but with life's extras this year already seems like a blur.

May be trying for May 3rd or the 24th.


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I am personally hoping for the 24th. I have a huge tournament on the 3rd and won't be able to make it :(


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Everyone stop! Lets make sure this event get catered to Mike's schedule. :D lol I joke

I'm cool with pretty much any date since I work every saturday anyways. I would prefer sooner than later personally. It would be nice to get it on before the hot sunny days hit.

But it totally depends on tint pros collaberating schedules with AJ. It's not like either of them owe us anything. Nobody has deposits or anything and it's pretty amazing that tint pros has been giving us these deals as long as they have.
Actually, I might be able to make that work as well...my schedule changed with my son for the 17th and 24th. That might possibly be the only other weekend I could do it aside from July...sad...busiest summer I've ever had which is strange.


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Likely be the 24th, though that is memorial day weekend so not sure how many people would be around for that. I know if people wanted we could do a grill and chill that day as well. Good food, cold beer, yadda yadda yadda


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I'm going to re-visit this in May for a June/July date. First two weekends in June already may not work for me, and the 3rd weekend I am planning something else.

Gonna be a busy summer. I'll still see a lot of you on the 17th so that will be fun, but otherwise yeah, fun fun.