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The Site has changed hands again.


So- most of you already know this- since the mod staff was informed in advance, but as of approx 6:00PM on 11-12-10 at a table at the BWW in Crystal, over a plate of wings, MNMazda changed hands. I figured it should fall upon me to make the announcement since A- I'm probably the single most active member of the mod/admin staff, with Dan falling a close second. and B-

I'm the one that bought it. Picklz had contacted me and a few select others a while back, indicating that he felt it should move to new ownership, as his priorities in life had changed (like watching Harry Potter with Kelsey) and he felt it deserved a home with someone that could (and does) spend more time on it. It's took me all of four seconds to decide that it was going to belong to me, no matter what I had to do. So- a deal was worked, and all site ownership was transferred to me- for an undisclosed sum of money and a French Silk pie to be delivered at a later date (most likely when Picklz is drunk and REALLY wants pie).

What does this mean to you? Not a whole lot. No ones changing mod staff, no ones' getting banned, nothing really special is taking place. I will be working to get some new merch out, because I have (what I consider) to be some really neat ideas, that I think y'all will like. There may be some revamping of the site itself in the future- but I'm not that smrt on the intarwebs (I know I can order KFC for Dans' mom and look at nekkid wimmenz) so it's going to be one hell of a learning curve for me. BUT- after the site sold the last time, I swore it would not get past me again.... and Taya was on board, so it was just a matter of time. I will also be talking to our sponsors in the near future about the site changing hands, and what we can do for them, as they already do a bunch for us (CHEAP tint, deals on parts/cars etc etc).

So- That's about that. I'd love to hear what people want to see out of it for the future- events/contests/etc.... and what I can do personally (or have one of the intarweb savvy admins) do to make this a more enjoyable place.

And to celebrate- I'll pick up the KFC bill for Dans' mom, and everyone gets a free ride!


OMG, all the bad MNMazda ideas are going to get approved now! I better leave before people start getting arrested.


Yeah- there isn't a whole lot that needs done right this very second. I'm playing with some rough drafts of some new designs that I think folks will dig, and after that- I'd like to work up a winter event or two so everyone can call me a d-bag to my face. I really would like to know what people want to see out of the site.... you guys spend just as much time as I do here, and I'm not in it for the profit. I know a few members have expressed interest in more car related events, cruises and what have you. Obviously we really aren't going to have any of those any time soon.... but we should be able to work something out once the snow pisses off.


Congrats Tom! I look forward to crazy ideas that may or may not happen. Though probably not.


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Congrats Tom! Let me know if you need anything from me.

Picklz, eventually they get sick of Harry Potter.... but then focus on those fucking Sex in the City movies!



Gotta say- the outpouring of support is kinda awesome. Glad to see that people are into making this work, even in my meager hands.

And Joelle- you and I will be talking. I need to buy me a new Bamboo so I can get my e-sketch on.


Hello everyone, how can I become an admin of this site? Thank you!


congrats tom. i think its a great idea that the new owner actually shows up to meets (not bashing anyone) on a fairly regular basis. I see good things (hopefully) come from this.


It's either gonna be really freakin' good, or we're going down in flames. Either way, it's gonna be a helluva ride.


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Congrats Tom! wtf are "car related events"?!?! It's been a rough road in general the last year or two with events in general, so any headway in the event department would be HUGE.


Car related events- sanctioned cruises, maybe making an appearance at a show or two, and the like. I don't expect anything major- but we've taken a beating by name lately (and honestly, I'm just as guilty as anyone) and I aim to turn that around.


Just as a reminder, anyone on this site is more than welcome to propose / initiate / plan / execute any event they would like to see happen. Events such as dyno days and detail days that involve forum sponsors should probably at least be run by a mod/admin before they get off the ground; but in general if there's something you want to see happen, take the reins and go for it!


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im really happy that youve purchased the website tom, i could not think of better hands. i agree with more car related things, as it seems that jon, joelle, erick, cody, and i are the only ones to ever make it to a few car show and talk about mnmazda to other people when we get a chance
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im really happy that youve purchased the website tom, i could not think of better hands. i agree with more car related things, as it seems that jon, erick, cody, and i are the only ones to ever make it to a few car show and talk about mnmazda to other people when we get a chance
I see where I stand with you Ivan :p :p J/K