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So- I had to order a set of lug nuts. Originally ordered them from RacingLab, but RL was out of the color I wanted. Rather than order them online again, and make the same mistake of having to cancel the order, I located another facility that had them (Evasive Motorsports) and gave them a call. There was absolutely no wait time on the phone, and the person on the other end of the line was super friendly. He knew exactly what part I was looking for, and went so far as to physically walk into the store room where they were kept to confirm that they were in stock. Once confirmed, he took my order over the phone, and actually went out of the way to make sure they left on the UPS truck the same day I ordered them. Sure enough, I had a tracking number within about 2 hours of ordering the lug nuts, and they're already in Minnesota. Big ups to Evasive, I'd probably order from them again, if they have what I need.