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Detail stuff GB


Oh My, what is this?

Packing peanuts!?!? I hate those things...

Ooo, you can see some goodies now.

Pulled a couple things out... both are Picklès, that sucks.

Tire brushes... they came like that. I think they're makin out. <.< >.>

I'll just put these here.

Everything is in paper bags, what's in this one...

More damn tire brushes? omgwtfbbq

Put these with the other ones.

Let's grab another box...

Into the pile!

Random paper bag #2!!

Bottled water? interesting... It doesn't look like they included enough to wash my car with though :/

Paper bags gogogo!

Microfiber soap, I don't remember ordering that, oh well. (Turns out it came with pickles' mircrofiber kit)

I'll just put these over here.

Moar paper bags!


This paper bag looks interesting...

Eight items later and I FINALLY open something that's mine.

Into the pile!

This bag is soft, maybe it's my guzzler towels!

Nope, of course not... it's PICKLE'S TOWELS. (I smell a conspiracy, time to consult with my friend...)

Just kidding, back on track: microfibers

I think I'm gunna need to rearrange the pile

I hope this isn't a pipe bomb

Srsly? It's pickles' Stoners stuff. How much crap did he order?

I digress

Paper bag number 6

Ooh, more stuff for me... of course it is bundle with Pickles' stuff, the plot thickens...

Another soft bag, guzzlers?!

Nope, washmitts, we ordered 3 though...

The pile grows!

Another soft paper bag.

Another wash mitt.


Finally! The guzzlers. I thought they'd be bigger in person (being named after my mom and all) :/

The last big box, woot... stuff for me!

Awwww :(

YAY! :)

Packed everyone elses stuff back up.

Woo, that was a lot of work, I'm thirsty

This must be why they gave me a bottle of water



I like this story. It has a happy ending. But I thought you ordred a lot more stuff?


SUDO Make me a SAMCH
I was LMAO at you pulling item after item of mine out. Hopefully can get the stuffs from ya next week.