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Hayden's big ass project


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Major progress on body work yesterday. If I had like 5 more days as productive as that was, it would be ready for paint.


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Hey... Whaaaaa Haaaaaapend to this thread???

This is a major cliff Hanger here...

I did not spend the last hour at work reading all 11 pages to be left at a cliff hanger... LOL

Any updates?


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Oh wow I had no idea how far back I left this thread lol. I am so used to just posting the recent pictures in the chatbox. Anyhow.... She is currently in the storage shed for the season.

Turbo bits came in:

The body work kept on coming along and all molds were now glassed.

I then pulled the entire dash out for some high class treatment.

Front/upper part of the front fenders nearing completion.

Spoiler started taking shape

Things starting to come together. Front bumper needed some serious service and the door swoop was taken off to be redone because the sides somehow came out kinda uneven and I want them to be perfectly symetrical like the fenders and rear quarters.

Speaking of the front bumper... I was not crazy about it. So it was time to add a front lip, change/get rid of the side vents, and fix the upper grill and turn signal.

New upper grill and reworked turn signal inlets.

Got all my motor issues resolved and installed my oil pressure and water temp gauges and ghetto rigged her for a test drive.


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So its been a while. Figure I better share the projects current condition. Just remember. The more beat up it looks, the closer to being finished it is.... or something like that.



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It is! I just work 60 hours a week and when I am not working I am either relaxing or golfing. I have the turbo half in the car and the body work is coming along pretty well. Once I get some more work done and get the turbo in and running I will post some pictures/video up in here.


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We are currently running on 3 cylinders. Which is better than the 2 it was running on prior to this. It's now running a bit better but it has a random misfire. So I am going to be throwing 4 new plugs at it tomorrow and seeing how it runs. It's also running very rich currently. I'm guessing it's because of the new 460cc injectors that are in it that the computer needs to be tuned up for.

BUT... the turbo did not asplode upon first start. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice.