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Spring 2014 Tint Day


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If Tauni and Corey are going and one of them wants to get my car up there maybe. I am probably still in for ze tints


I'm confused.
Hayden, we can keep in touch on that. Corey said he is willing to drive it up there for you.


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The better part of this day comes at night, poker/grill/pot luck event. woot!


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Whatup! I have to drop off a 26' trailer in Anoka on May 31 so is it ok if I get there around 11am?
How quickly does he usually get these cars done? And what city are you in AJ? I think I waited an hour just for my Cobalt when he did it back in the day...does he have other people working as well or has he just gotten that fast now days?

I don't think I'll have the money now and I'm still camping up north, but depending on where you are and if I can swing down in the morning, I might be in. Chances are extremely slim (10% range), but let me know about the above things and I'll figure it out.


110 HP of FURY!
He has always had a crew with him, usually 3-4 guys and they crank out one or two cars at a time depending on the car type, guys who's with. I ask everyone to be there between 930/945ish so that I know he's not waiting on anyone at any point. If he's waiting, I'll just let them leave so they can get to the next job.

That said, at this time I don't have any more room, it's currently looking like 9 cars, and that's only cause we have a couple trucks this time around. Otherwise we cap the events at 7.